Write Your Story

Write Your Story

I share my testimony every year around Easter because I think that’s an excellent time to tell stories of redemption.

When I first had the idea to write my testimony a few years ago I thought yes, this could really help people. And then I almost immediately talked myself out of it.

I thought, no way. This is something that I have buried deep that people don’t know about and it will make everything awkward. It’s a taboo subject that people aren’t comfortable with. And if any potential clients see such a personal story about me, they will run and run far.

But I had this burning inside to get it done. So I told myself, okay I’ll write it.

And then I chickened out again. I said okay, I’ll write it to get it off of my chest, but I won’t share it.

And then I went to a mom’s meeting at my church and the subject of sexual abuse was brought up. It was very apparent that it was a widespread and damaging subject for a lot of people.

So I thought, okay. I’ll share it but I need it to offer hope of some kind.

So if the media team at the church still happens to by chance have my baptism on video from the sanctuary, I will share it then. I secretly thought, there’s no way they would still have it, it had been more than a year.

I gave them the date and service information for when I was baptized, and the media guy said “Sure, we still have it, I’ll make you a copy today, when do you want to pick it up?”

I thought, well that’s rather remarkable… But I’ll only share it if God shows me 3 more signs.

And on the way home I heard 2 songs.

Write Your Story by Francesca Battistelli

Brave by Sara Bareillis

And I thought, okay. Those are pretty popular songs that they play all the time. But after the 3rd song, I got goosebumps and knew I needed to share.

Healer by Hillsong.

Healer was the song they played after my emotional baptism.

I hit publish on my testimony and shared it on Easter Sunday. And I’ll never, ever regret it.

Here is the link to my personal testimony of healing after childhood sexual abuse:  Healer

We are all different people with different layers, pains and triumphs and this is mine. We all have things deep under the surface that affect us through life and it’s something that has affected me as a friend, wife, and especially as a mom.

I share my story every Easter because there is beauty for ashes and healing if you ask Jesus for it. Please be blessed this Easter Sunday and reach out for any reason if you need help and don’t know where to start.

And if there is ever any doubt, write your story.

I wish you many blessings, and I thank you for reading.

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