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Hi! I’m Audra from the Real Honest Mom blog. My gift is explaining things in simple terms, with an overall view in a loving way.


I offer services as a freelance writer for parenting publications, and one-on-one help and customized plans for individuals on a consulting basis.

Freelance Writing/Consulting

My areas of expertise:

    • Mindful parenting
    • Basic household budgeting
    • Efficient grocery shopping with basic recipes
    • How-to on household tasks and life skills

I also offer a “Pick my brain” appointment option for anything outside of the ways of the home. Because I have gained a lot of knowledge in different stages of life and I’m happy to encourage you in yours.


See my calendar below (or visit here) for availability and to schedule time with me. I can also be reached by email at AudraRogers75[at]


Audra is one of my favorite communicators on the Web. I’ve had the privilege of working with her and watching her teach countless topics in a relatable, informative, and fun way online. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, experienced, and effective instructor, Audra’s your gal.
-Laura Harris

Audra Rogers is great at providing actionable advice that helps others move forward in their journey.
-Gina Horkey

Working with Audra is such a pleasure. She is a true professional and first-class writer.
-Nick Pavlidis

My mom is a very good teacher. She explains things in a way that helps me know how to do it myself. We had fun learning how to sort laundry and pick what to buy at the grocery store. She rocks, pretty much.
-Timothy Rogers, 10 years old

Our mom is GREAT. She is good at driving, shopping at the store, cooking food and taking us to school. My mommy is really good.
-William Rogers, 5 years old


If you’re a brand or vendor looking for opportunities to work with me, please first verify that my work aligns with your brand message. I am very particular about who I work with, and I turn down more opportunities than I take. It must make sense for my audience and my family!

I have worked with National Geographic Kids, Hanes, Disney Parks, Legoland and Ford.

Click here for my media kit and thank you for your interest!

I can be reached by email at AudraRogers75[at]

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