9 Things to Look for in a Pumpkin Patch

9 Things to Look for in a Pumpkin Patch

This is a sponsored post with Honeysuckle Hill Farm. Experiences are 100% real!


Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the beautiful changes in nature, cooler weather and we always head to an area pumpkin patch to spend the day on a weekend.

Everyone walks, talks and pees in the potty in our family of 4, so we race straight to the more adventurous stuff now, but we still need things for littles since our youngest is 4. There are several things we look for when choosing which pumpkin patch to support in our area.

I’ll use our visit to Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, TN as an example since we found everything we needed there. We hung out for 4 hours! (Check out the video to see all the action!)

Here are the things we look for when it comes to finding family fun at a pumpkin patch:

1. Innovation

There is no group of people on Earth more equipped for creativity and innovation than farmers, amirite? We love finding family farms with homemade attractions. Some of our favorites at Honeysuckle Hill Farm:

Spider playset at Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, TN
Spider playset at Honeysuckle Hill Farm. Photo: Audra Rogers
Human hamster wheels at Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, TN
Human hamster wheel races! Photo: Audra Rogers
Miner's Mountain slide at Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, TN
Miner’s Mountain slide. Photo: Audra Rogers

New in 2017, the mechanical Corn Swing. I saw it on the map, and I was like, what the heck is a corn swing? Well it was a refreshing and surprisingly powerful ride that brought on a nice breeze to cool off after we had been walking around for a while. We rode it several times!

Mechanical corn swing at Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, TN
Fresh air! The mechanical Corn Swing. Photo: Audra Rogers

2. Thrills

Speaking of fresh air, this is me on a zipline!

Zipline at Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, TN
Wheeeeee! Photo: Audra Rogers

My 9-year-old son and I did the zipline that runs above the farm. For $15 per person, you get two zips across the property. My 9 year old was a little timid at first, but loved it after giving it a try. I had a blast, it felt so good!

There is also a Little Rascals zipline for kids that sits low to the ground and doesn’t require a harness.

Little Rascals Zipline at Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, TN
Wheee! Photo: Audra Rogers

The boys also stepped up to the bungee trampoline ($5/person) and they were both able to make back flips happen.

Scream Creek is a haunted house attraction on the property after dark, but we didn’t stay for that because it isn’t recommended for kids younger than 10.

3. Things for Dad

I feel you, dads. Though you love spending time with the fam, there isn’t a lot that necessarily caters to you at a pumpkin patch.

So this was probably the coolest thing we’ve ever seen thus far. Brand new in 2017 at Honeysuckle Hill Farm, you’ll hear them when you’re taking the kids through the petting zoo and wonder what the heck that sound is.

Regulators, mount up! The Apple Blasters do not disappoint. Photo: Audra Rogers

For $5 you get 10 apples to load into the chute and shoot at Halloween-themed metal targets hanging in the woods. They have a lot of power and they make a cool sound! We all gave it a go, and there was a dad next to us with a young daughter having a blast with it. This is no doubt a dad favorite, and one of our favorite things.

We did 2 rounds and it was well worth the $10.

Nearby, there is also a large structure with cutouts for throwing footballs, baseballs, shooting hoops and nice shade, just fyi.

4. Things for Littles

We still want plenty of stuff for littles, since our youngest is 4. He really liked the Little Rascals zip line, the tractor playground and the tree house play area.

Tractor playground at Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, TN
Tractor Playground. Photo: Audra Rogers

The tree houses are adorable and you can go inside them. There are 3 total main tree houses and other climbing structures behind them. So crafty!

Treehouse playground area at Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, TN.
Tree House Village. Photo: Audra Rogers

You’ll also find the popular trampoline-like Corn Poppers to jump on and a Corn Box where kids can play in corn kernels.

5. Photo Ops

Families love to take Fall pictures, no doubt. There are several points to stop and take plenty. Again, lots of homemade attractions from the big wooden monster truck/tractor to covered wagons, face cutouts in the petting zoo, a giant rocking chair and tall wooden horse to name a few.

Play truck in Tiny Town at Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, TN
Play truck in Tiny Town. Photo: Audra Rogers

You’ll come away with plenty of Fall family pics.

6. Shaded Places for Down Time/Rest

You’ll need to plan for the elements, no doubt. Be sure to dress in light clothing and bring water, it was warm the day we went. We stopped to rest and refuel twice after being out in the open areas.

Tiny Town play area at Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, TN
Dump trucks and covered wagons in Tiny Town at Honeysuckle Hill Farm. Photo: Audra Rogers

There are several areas throughout for parents to sit and watch kids play. You can also take a little bit of a breather on a hayride or splash a bit in the water in the duck races and while mining for rocks.

7. Food

We found two large sheltered areas with picnic tables and food. Both are in clear view to watch kids since they usually finish eating fast and want to run back out and play.

Shade and grub! Photo: Audra Rogers

We ate a big lunch before we went, but we played pretty hard and got hungry for another meal while we were there. (I brought an apple with almonds and walnuts to snack on since I’m on Whole30) but the fam loved the hot dog meals. They smelled so good!

Hot dog meal at Honeysuckle Hill Farm. Photo: Audra Rogers

8. Bathrooms

I’m not too proud to use a port-a-potty, but it was nice to see regular bathrooms at the main shelter area with real toilets, sinks and hand washing setup. Sometimes it’s the little things when you’re roughing it, you know?

Find the bathroom signs when you first arrive, you’ll need them!

9. Pumpkins, of course!

Of course you want to round out the day with a hayride to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. We like smaller pumpkins because they’re easier to carry and seem to last the longest when we paint them. But anything goes!

It’s also nice to browse the handmade items for sale in the Farmer’s Market. They’re sure to be at every pumpkin patch, be sure to check it out!

Check out the action packed video of our day at the Honeysuckle Hill Farm pumpkin patch! What are your favorite Fall family activities?

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