What I Learned After 2 Weeks of Healthy Food and Exercise

What I Learned After 2 Weeks of Healthy Food and Exercise

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In a recent post, I told you about how I ask my sons to tell me 3 good things about their day as soon as they get home from school. And in an effort to concentrate on the positive, I held myself to that same standard and told you one of my own 3 good things was rediscovering exercise.

4 years ago after successfully completing the P90x exercise program (and losing a combined 70 pounds), we discovered we were pregnant about 30 seconds later. We kept it up for a few more months, but our success, eating habits, gym membership and exercise schedules came to a sad, eventual end. We haven’t had discipline in… a while.

But we just got back on the horse. We are now in the middle of week 3 after restarting the program and we have modified a few things to fit life, but we are doing great and still going strong.

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I can tell an obvious difference in how I feel physically and I have noted a few more observations:

1. The hardest thing by far is controlling what you eat in a world that uses food as a reward constantly.
2. It’s worth eating better. Every little decision matters and leads to the next one.
3. I’ve felt better than ever and have lost weight already by reducing carbs, calories and obvious sugar for 2 weeks plus exercise.
4. Toddlers are amazing at yoga because they are very bendy.
5. You can do more than you think you can.
6. You can do more than you think you can.
7. The first week is the hardest. It still isn’t easy after that, you have to make the choice each time.
8. My digestion is much better when I eat cleaner and drink water.
9. Deciding that feeling better is more important than great-tasting junk food is a very hard choice to consistently make.
10. An 8 yr old will be so much better than you with ab exercises.
11. There are land mines everywhere at restaurants and value meals aren’t your friend, though it’s the most popular/cost friendly combo with fast food.
12. Reading labels is heartbreaking. I saw sugar listed in a can of green beans in my pantry.
13. Feeling good is better than being skinny. Though I sure want to look better too.
14. Some recipes with fresh vegetables will bomb, it’s a learning process.
15. Some recipes will be awesome. My faves: roasted cauliflower and “squashed potatoes”.
16. It’s hard to work out at home with kids, but it’s adorable when they jump in and they like being included in what’s going on. They like to jump in for a few minutes here and there and we get a few good laughs.


I am an emotional/boredom eater. I’m the kind of person who wants to stand next to the freezer and eat chocolate chips by the handful and drink coffee as a remedy to the afternoon crash. But I haven’t felt the need to do that since finding healthy snacks.Some of my favorite combos:

  • walnuts/blueberries
  • almonds/string cheese
  • cottage cheese/cherry tomatoes
  • roasted red pepper hummus/cucumber slices
  • cheese cubes/grapes
  • peanut butter/apples
  • ham cold cuts/cheese stick
  • dry granola/banana slices (my sons’ discovery)
  • protein smoothie (base smoothie w/protein powder)


It can also seem to be a workout in itself to prepare healthy foods. I did preps here for omelets.

But it’s worth it. I’m at the point now where feeling better and feeling healthy weighs heavier than convenience and vanity. Our meals aren’t going to always be 100% healthy, but we are far better off now than where we were.

I am also a fan of healthy homemade soups (I made chicken soup with leftovers from a roasted chicken). Soups are very filling and stretch pretty far with us on busy nights. They make a good side to proteins or stand alone.

Plus, the kids expect us to exercise at night now, so there’s that. I hope to stay accountable by sharing our progress online via Fitness Friday updates on the RealHonestMom Facebook page, so wish us luck!


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  1. I loved reading your observations, and even feel inspired to reevaluate my own eating/exercise habits (or lack of them!) It’s amazing how getting the kids on board with something gets them excited about it and then they provide motivation to keep going. Great post Audra!

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