Touring the Schakolad Chocolate Factory

Touring the Schakolad Chocolate Factory

A girls night out at a chocolate factory? Talk about a no-brainer. Yes please!

I was thrilled to see an online deal to do this, and I rounded up a small group of ladies.


Schakolad, located in Franklin, TN is more a chocolate shop than a factory, but we were not disappointed. The tour started off with a few complimentary fruit and pretzel dips in the chocolate fountain.

Then we saw a video on the history of chocolate and how it’s made, and we tried several samples.


The more cocoa in the sample, the less sweet it is. The cocoa seed on the far left was very bitter. As you move right, the samples get sweeter, as less cocoa is used and other ingredients are added for taste.


The hands on part of the tour was where it’s at. We got to hand-dip our own chocolate treats!


We were given a quick tutorial and then we chose milk chocolate or dark chocolate.


It is not as easy as it looks! Look at what my sweet little mom did to one of her cookies!


And despite the protective apron wear and plastic gloves, it was still a bit of a jungle out there for a lot of us!


We dipped thick pretzel sticks, marshmallows and oreo cookies. (And we got to take home our creations!)


As we waited for the chocolate to set, we headed over to the next activity, where we were given small chocolate bars to decorate with white chocolate.


After a quick demo on techniques using a mini frosting-type bag, we were turned loose to make our own creations.


It got pretty serious there for a second, I think we all wanted to do a really good job decorating the chocolate bar, as well as all of our dipped pieces.


And something I noticed, even though we were all there for a girls night out, we ended up decorating our chocolates for our loved ones at home. Of course!

I really thought I would be a lot better at this! I thought I might have been steadier with the writing. But hey, it’s chocolate on chocolate, so it’s still a win-win! Here is how mine turned out:


I decorated the dipped cookies with the letters of my sons’ names, I doodled a little bit on the pretzel sticks, and I wrote my “theme word for 2014” on the chocolate bar. (And by the way, the marshmallows are monster eyesAs I look at them now, I’m really rethinking my design!)


I lost a marshmallow in the chocolate stream as I was dipping, but the rotating “current” brought it back around, and all was well. (Think Willy Wonka on a much smaller scale…)

This was such a neat thing to do. It was so different and it was fun to learn more about what goes into preparing our beloved chocolates! And I have a whole new respect for chocolatiers with steady handwriting!


We are a group of mothers and daughters and friends, and everyone had a fun time. It was exactly my kind of girls night! And I know the guys at home, both large and small, enjoyed their chocolates. No matter what they looked like!

Here are a few neat gift ideas I saw in the store. You can actually get a wine bottle dipped in chocolate!



It also smells wonderful in there! There is a wide variety of chocolates to choose from, and you get a discount on select items if you buy after the tour.


The cost of this was $14 per person with the online coupon (no longer available) and was worth its weight in gold… or chocolate. Which is just as good. Read more about Schakolad’s Sweet Night Out here.

Go out and try something new! You’re worth it!


A fun girls night out at Schakolad chocolatier chocolate shop

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