Teaching Life Skills with “The School Of Mom”

Teaching Life Skills with “The School Of Mom”

If you look at the world around you, it’s easy to see that kids have never had it better, especially in the way of entertainment. I try to think back to what I even used to do back in the day when I was growing up.

There were no kidfests on every corner, tablets or smart phones.  I had a Bluebird bike with a banana seat, and the closest things I had to high-tech were an Etch-a-Sketch and a Lite-Brite.

I love that there is so much for kids now, but I think we often get so preoccupied with entertaining them, that we forget about teaching them the basics.

Cos Davis, a guest speaker at my mom’s group at church once (affectionately) told us:

“You know, moms. You do everything for everybody and then you complain about doing everything for everybody. When you raise kids, you are trying to work yourselves out of a job. Yes, you love them to pieces, but they need to be able to stand on their own when they are adults.”

I completely agree with this.

It is hard for me because I have former first-baby-helicopter-mom tendencies and a love language that is service to others. I am a recipe for disaster, i.e. kids living in my basement.

But I can do this.

Now that the kids are older (8 and almost 3), I really want to start delegating more household chores. I started off just asking my oldest to do a few things for me.

And then it became obvious that I had never actually taken the time to show him how to do certain things.


He insists that this is easier 🙂

I really am not a stickler for technique, to each his own as long it’s done well.

But at my house, for the next few weeks I am putting my kids through The School of Mom.

I am going to teach both boys how to do one basic household task, give them a day or two to implement it, and share about it as we move on to the next thing. I have big plans for laundry and dishes, vacuuming, and the grocery store to name a few.

I am going to add a “Toddler Task” to each post because my youngest is at that golden age where he really does want to help. So I am going to strike while the iron is hot, and find an age-appropriate related job for him too.


Grace and patience will be required as we tackle this. They might do things differently than I do, and I’m going to have to really fight my urge to re-do what they’ve done. But I really want them to be wise in the ways of the home. I’m putting myself into imaginary handcuffs.

We may need a few refresher courses as we go, but I believe that kids are capable of a lot more than we give them credit for.


I am at a prime bargaining stage with my older boy for screen time. And we are in serious need of upgrading the chore list.

And since all of the holiday breaks from school are closing in, I figure now is a great time to do it.

It really doesn’t take very long to show them how you do something, and I think of it as a long term investment. Maybe their future spouses will thank me? 🙂

I look forward to seeing what we are all going to learn from this experience, and the adventures that are sure to follow.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


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5 thoughts on “Teaching Life Skills with “The School Of Mom”

  1. Audra, 8 years old, is a good time to teach him the simple things to make in the kitchen also.
    Being a former 4-H leader, some take to it and continue for a life time. After having 4 boys, each was taught to cook and clean up their mess around 8 years old. Now that they are much older, they have found wifes that like to clean and let the boys do the cooking. Good luck, you don’t need it, you come from good stock.

    • Thank you so much Joan 🙂 I had a fun time teaching them their first few lessons, it was a sweet time together. I hope it carries through for us like it did for your boys 🙂

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