The School Of Mom-Vacuuming

The School Of Mom-Vacuuming

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The only thing in the world my toddler hates more than haircuts is the vacuum cleaner. I’ve tried many times to get him to look at it up close without it being plugged in, I’ve tried to let him push it around but he won’t have anything to do with it, he’s terrified of it.

I knew that getting him involved in the actual vacuuming part here was very unlikely, so we did the Toddler Task first on this one (and we didn’t say the “v” word until the last second):


His job was to pick up toys and clear the floor in the living room.

And the second I started wheeling the vacuum cleaner out of the laundry room, he was gone like a shot, straight to his room.


Where he would remain, only sheepishly peeking his head out of his room when he knew the job was done, and he heard the vacuum being wheeled back into the laundry room.

So big brother got to fly solo on this one. Which is probably best.

I did my little explainer and I showed him where to turn it on, and where to release the handle. And I explained how the hose pulls out and plugs into the wand so you can reach places the vacuum cleaner won’t fit.


He did great. The closest way I could describe his vacuum pattern on the carpet, would be like that of a Roomba. Just kind of a random, spastic circling around the room, but he would look up at me and smile every time he would hear dirt getting sucked up. I’m so glad the vacuum was in good working order that day!


He was really into the wand, I was surprised.


He would have preferred to do the whole carpet with the wand, but I cautioned him that it would be a lot more work to do it that way. I think it was just easier for him to handle the wand since it’s not as bulky.

We had another little tutorial on how to wrap up the cord on the back when he was done, and that was it. Easy peasy.

The toddler rejoined civilization, and all was well. (Since he hates haircuts and vacuum cleaners is it safe to assume a Flowbee is out of the question?)

***What I learned: In a surprising twist, my oldest asked if he could teach me something since I taught him something. So I said yes, and he showed me how to build a small Lego race car. I’m loving The School Of Mom! New things all around! 🙂


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