The School Of Mom- Laundry Part 2

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In Laundry-Part 1, we got all of the laundry sorted and into the washing machine with detergent. Part 2 is folding, hanging and putting the laundry away. And as I mentioned, the boys had enough time between loads to start playing and bickering by the time it came to fold.

The Toddler Task I had planned for my youngest was to fold dish towels and put them away, but based on him wanting to be involved in everything for part one, I knew he would want to hang clothes too.

The garment rack I use to hang laundry on is too tall for them to reach and it’s on rollers, so I didn’t want them to stand on chairs with it. And since I also wanted them to work separately to keep the peace, I went all Mommy MacGyver and used stuff I had at home to make two little makeshift “clotheslines” for each of them.


I taped a paint roller extension pole between the counters since it was just the right height for my oldest, and I found a yard stick to place between two kitchen chairs, using glass bowls to elevate it enough to keep my toddler’s clothes from touching the floor.


I gave them each their own small basket of their own clothes to fold. They were mostly socks, pants and shirts. I started off by having both of them watch me put a shirt on a hanger.


It was hard for my little one to catch on and he was getting frustrated trying to hang the shirts, so I had him hold the hanger from the top while I slipped the shirt on around it and he was happy with that.


There was one little snafu in technique that I had to adjust to.

To me, if you are looking dead-on at the front of a shirt, the sun and the moon and the stars are all appropriately aligned when the hook of the hanger is pointing left after it’s hung. Or it feels backwards to me.


My oldest prefers to mix it up both ways so some of his shirts are hanging backwards, and though it gave me goosebumps, I let it go. I figure I’m still ahead while he’s at least willing to do it, and as long as it’s off the floor I can live with it.


We got a little off track with hanging pants and had to regroup a few times, but he did great and we got some laughs and peaceful brotherly love back out of it. He helped the little one hang shirts towards the end.


We then all folded the dish towels, matched socks and then put everything away in dressers and closets.  It was assembly-line style, and even despite my stopping to show them how to do each thing a few times, it went rather quickly and we had fun with it. Silliness is permitted as we go. And it was great to have so much help putting away.


What I learned: You won’t die if your child does something differently than you. And this will be a welcome load off of my feet in the near future!


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