The School Of Mom- Laundry Part 1

The School Of Mom- Laundry Part 1

The SchoolOf mom

Laundry is not fascinating, we all know this. And it’s a lengthy process.

We did the laundry lesson all in one day, but I am breaking it up into two parts because there was a lot to do and learn. This lesson was on gathering clothes, sorting them, getting them into the machine and getting the washer running with detergent in it.

I had a simple Toddler Task in mind for my little one and then I was going to go on with the rest of the lesson with my oldest, but the little one wanted to be involved in everything (much to my surprise) so we rolled with it.


It was his job to bring the laundry baskets from their room and pick up the random socks that are always on the living room floor. He really enjoyed bringing the clothes, and I knew he would because he likes to “drive” the baskets down the hallway.

We then got to sorting all of the clothes. They were bored hearing about this.


We talked about why we separate clothes and wash them in different temperatures. And I hope I really drove the point home about how white socks are really hard to get clean (ha!) so we wash them with hot water and add some bleach. And I stressed that you only use bleach with whites.

They really liked the sorting part, they threw the clothes in the piles like basketballs and rolled around on the piles several times.

I really had their attention though when I walked them into the laundry room and explained how the washer worked.

“Which one is the washer?” the big one asked, driving the point home on just how badly these lessons are needed.


We talked about the different types of cycles and what kind of clothes we would put in a delicate cycle, and I showed them the different settings for water and load sizes, and extras you can select for special loads.

They opened the door (we have a front loader that came with the house when we moved in) and loved spinning the agitator with their hands.


They were really happy with getting to put in the detergent, I don’t know why they were so fascinated with the reservoir, but they were.


They loaded the clothes in, and I explained how after we turn it on, it would fill with water. They put their ears up to the machine so they could hear it. And they kept opening the reservoir so they could watch the water move the detergent into the machine.


And after that, I couldn’t keep them off of the thing. It was the most excitement I’ve ever seen about a washing machine, so I let them hang out in there for a while.

They had free time while the load washed. And then my oldest moved the clothes to the dryer.

Here is a sneak peak on how Part 2 went.

In between loads, they started bickering back and forth so when it came time to fold, I needed to separate them. I came up with little makeshift “clotheslines” so they had their own little stations to fold and hang clothes.


Stay tuned for Laundry Part 2! It was a lot of fun, truly.


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