The School Of Mom- Cleaning The Bathroom

The School Of Mom- Cleaning The Bathroom

The SchoolOf mom

This is an important lesson in The School Of Mom, and one I’ve been looking forward to teaching: cleaning the bathroom.

I swear I could hear angels singing in the background as I taught my two young sons how to change out the toilet paper roll and clean the toilet. A-men.

They were great sports. The Toddler Task for cleaning the bathroom was to bring the little trash can into the kitchen so we could empty the trash, and to bring the bathroom rugs to the laundry room to be washed.


I’m glad we did the laundry lesson first because I was able to watch my oldest as he put detergent into the washer and turn it on. He remembered most of it on his own.

We started off by cleaning the bathroom counters with the foamy bubbles (my fave.) I helped my oldest spray it on and we waited a few minutes before wiping the counters down and rinsing them off.


I talked about how important it is to be mindful of the order that you do certain tasks in, or at least to make absolutely sure you’re separating the items you’re using to clean the sink versus the toilet. That one got them laughing when I went through a few germ-filled scenarios.

We did a little refresher course on properly washing your hands, and then we went over the proper technique on changing out the toilet paper roll. There was too much tension in the spring for the little one to be able to change it, so the big one got to do this part.


Over of course, not under. We aren’t barbarians.


So then came time to clean the potty. (Do you hear the angels singing yet?) I will spare you any extreme close ups, but is this not the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen?


I applied the bowl cleaner and showed my oldest how I scrub without sloshing the water out. He took to more of a “stirring soup” kind of method (forgive the analogy) while little brother ran around and played with the extra set of gloves.


We talked about the importance of aim and the best way to get both the inside and outside of the bowl clean (separately) so we don’t spread germs from the inside out.

I was in prime position, waiting for the glory shot of the wrinkled nose or an extreme “ewww gross, I don’t want to do this” protest, but to my slight disappointment, he didn’t really think it was that gross.

Or it wasn’t as gross as he thought it was going to be, he said. I guess that’s a win, but I was going for a little more pain and suffering, if you know what I mean. But I’ll take it. After the rugs were finished, we put them back in place on the floor and that was all the attention span we had time for.

What I learned: Boys will listen very attentively to anything you say if you use the phrase “poop germs.” Kids really do like to learn, and toddlers love rubber gwubbs (gloves.)


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  1. this made my day to read!!!! house of boys…. I always say…. I didn’t pee on the toilet I peed IN IT!

    Now you can clean it… Bleach wipes and all :-)!

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