The Only Thing Better Than National Geographic’s “Weird But True” Book Series?

The Only Thing Better Than National Geographic’s “Weird But True” Book Series?

So I just joined Instagram and I posted this picture and caption:

Sooo glad these count towards the #readinglog or we’d be in trouble. Also good for #roadtrips and the #bus stop. #fun #reading #WeirdButTrue #books #bookstagram #NatGeoKids #NationalGeographic #NatGeoKidsInsider #reading #school #homework

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We have had this “Weird But True” book set from National Geographic Kids for a few years.

I got them for my son for Christmas in 2014 because I wanted to give him something cool, yet educational. (I try to sneak books in as presents anytime I can.) He really liked them and sort of became the “human head weighs 8 pounds” kid from Jerry Maguire. Random facts are fun!

I was relieved to know that they also count towards the reading log at school. In fact, his teacher wrote “really cool books!” next to his Weird But True entry on his homework sheet.

I so agree and I like thumbing through them too. Here are a few sample pages to show you what they look like inside:




The pages are beautiful and vibrant. The last one about the elephant ears is my son’s favorite.

And in my opinion, the only thing better than the “Weird But True” book series is a brand new tv show based on the book series.

Brother-and-sister duo Charlie and Kirby are the hosts of the show and they traveled near and far in the quest for passing on entertaining fun facts to kids.

As a National Geographic Kids Insider, I got a sneak peek behind the scenes from the taping of the show and I’d love to show them to you.TAVERNIER, FLA.- Charlie describes his experience after diving to explore a shipwreck. (Photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Jill Littman)

CHICAGO, ILL.- (Left to Right) Kirby roleplays as a storm chaser as Charlie reports at "HQ". (Photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Jill Littman) WINSLOW, ARIZ.- (Left to Right) Charlie and Kirby stand atop a rock overlooking Meteor Crater. (Photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Jill Littman)

What a cool job!

Here’s a great promo clip from the National Geographic Kids Facebook page:

Did you notice they were in the water scuba diving with sharks and they also took a trip to Alaska? I’d say that’s worth checking out the show… We are excited to check it out!

The show airs on Xploration Station on Saturday mornings on most Fox stations, please check your local listings for times!

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