Glow Stick Emoji Fun

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glow-stick-emoji-fun glow in the dark party ideas

I am all about thinking outside of the box to find cheap, easy fun kids stuff and party ideas, but the kids actually stumbled upon this one themselves.

One night after getting home from a children’s birthday party, they were going through their goody bags and found a pack of bendy glow sticks they wanted to play with. They were the kind that come with the little plastic braces so you can attach them in different places to make bracelets or necklaces.

My oldest started forming them into shapes and making pictures and emojis and then running and turning the lights on and off and it was a lot of fun and something the kids did together for hours without fighting. Talk about a lifesaver on a boring night!

They mixed and matched the pieces into several different combinations and here are some of the pictures and emoji’s they came up with:









Glow Stick Emoji Fun- Happy




Glow Stick Fun- Stick Man

Stick Man

We also took them outside on the porch and they danced and moved around, it was really neat to see at night.

Glow Stick Fun on the Porch-Wolverine

My toddler had them around his wrists and ankles, and my oldest put the sticks between his fingers like a “Nightmare Angimon” Digimon character, and if you don’t know what that is, it’s a lot like Wolverine’s blades from the X-Men. And if you aren’t familiar with X-men, think Freddy Krueger except really cute.

We waited on the porch for my husband to get home from work and they started flailing their arms and waving when he pulled into the driveway, it looked really cool!

This would be a great idea for a Fall party or Halloween not-so-scary party for littles and the pictures you take at night turn out really cool (be sure to leave your flash off.)

Glow sticks don’t cost much and these lasted for 3 hours and beyond.

You can buy them in a pack of 20 with Amazon Prime for less than $12 here with my affiliate link:

We had 2 packs of 8 count glow sticks (16 total) to make our pictures.

And don’t worry, if your child simply can’t stop playing with the glow sticks the next day and chews on one and accidentally bites it open, it will be okay because the ingredients are non-toxic.

We know that one from experience!

This glow-in-the-dark fun was a great exercise in play and imagination where parents are allowed too! Long live childhood!

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