I Have Good News and I Have Bad News…

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Okay, so I have good news and I have bad news. Do you want the bad news first? Okay, the bad news is that moms in minivans making 3-point maneuvers in the driveway do not mix with toddler pedal cars. It was left out close to the driveway where it wasn’t supposed to be and … Read moreI Have Good News and I Have Bad News…

Adventures in Pokemon Go

I tried high and low to get the Pokemon Go app to work in my small hometown in Kansas during our road trip, but I kept getting an error about too many trainer accounts and the GPS wouldn’t connect. I knew this might happen after reading the reviews from people that lived in smaller towns. So we … Read moreAdventures in Pokemon Go

If You Give a Boy a Bag of Chips…

  If you give a boy a bag of chips, he will slam it into every possible object on the way to the potluck at the park. And when you get to the park, he’ll want to give the bag one final slam onto the concrete slab under the shelter before running off to play … Read moreIf You Give a Boy a Bag of Chips…

My Dirty, Happy Kid

My husband left with our son one evening for a Boy Scout gathering at the park with other dads and kids. When they returned a few hours later, my son walked in covered in dirt from head to toe. His dress shirt for Scouts was crop-dusted with dirt and orange crumbs, as were his shorts, … Read moreMy Dirty, Happy Kid

The Wonky Old Rose Bush

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’d like to introduce you to my wonky old rose bush that refuses to die. It it one bush. With many wild awkward single branches that have no sense of direction. Over time, I’ve tried many times to trim it back, group the branches together, trim it way down to … Read moreThe Wonky Old Rose Bush

Dear A**holes That Abuse Children

I am so tired of seeing the constant headlines of children being abused. My pulse races, and I get that feeling in the pit of my stomach. If turning a blind eye to all of the news reports would be effective, I would just ignore all of it. But that doesn’t help. And it seems … Read moreDear A**holes That Abuse Children

Repeating First Grade

I usually look forward to the whole back-to-school routine, but this year it has a different ring to it. My son is repeating first grade, and I think it’s my fault. In the big picture, it’s probably not as big as it feels right now. But there is no worse feeling than knowing that your … Read moreRepeating First Grade

No More Travel Until Everyone Walks, Talks and Pees in the Potty

Traveling with kids is not for the weak. Here is my adventure flying with two kids alone.

The kids are back in school! Did you go on vacation anywhere over the break? In my opinion, there is no such thing as a vacation when you are traveling with little people. I define a vacation as a relaxing trip, and having kids in tow is anything but. My friend Val recently took a long … Read moreNo More Travel Until Everyone Walks, Talks and Pees in the Potty

Why I Never Take the Advice “Just Be Yourself”

I’ve heard it said a million times. Everything will be okay if you “just be yourself.” But will it? What if, underneath it all, you have an angry, vengeful heart? What if you have to work hard every day to be a nice person? What if you are embattled in choosing your response to everyday … Read moreWhy I Never Take the Advice “Just Be Yourself”

Do Not Touch Mommy’s Chocolate

Ah yes, holiday break from school. All that togetherness. Constant togetherness. The social media statuses have changed from warm fuzzy Christmas blessings to “Are these kids ever going to go back to school???” I am no exception, though I have managed to hold it together pretty well thus far. We don’t have family here, and my husband … Read moreDo Not Touch Mommy’s Chocolate

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