Why I Was Never Really Much of a Disney Fan as a Kid


I was never really much of a Disney fan as a kid. That may widen some eyeballs and spurn a few gasps, but I really wasn’t. I know I enjoyed more than my fair share of Disney Movies on VHS growing up. But a Disney vacation was something that just wasn’t within the reach of … Read more

The School Of Mom- Grocery Shopping

Our last lesson was about shopping on a budget and we focused on staying within our means. This week, we headed to the grocery store and I let my son lead the charge on getting groceries. They have been to the grocery store with me many times, but I have never really taken the time … Read more

The School Of Mom- Shopping On A Budget

I know shopping on a budget isn’t technically housework, but it’s certainly a skill that benefits the household. The grocery store lesson is coming up and we have a lot to learn there, but for this one I wanted my oldest boy to see just how far his own money might go when buying things, … Read more

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