What I Noticed on a Day Away From Social Media

All the things I noticed while I was away from social media-RealHonestMom blog

Is anyone else tired? Like bone-tired weary from all of the chaos and infighting and shouting on social media? I don’t turn a blind eye to our country’s events but there was one particular day that I just couldn’t deal with all of the noise anymore and I stayed off of social media for the … Read moreWhat I Noticed on a Day Away From Social Media

Just Another Day in the Life

“Which one did you get?” “I get Kywo-wen, what did you get?” “I got the Millenium Falcon!” I like to give the boys Star Wars gummy vitamins in the morning to help balance out the lack of any kind of  “good cereal” in the house. I always buy the boring  and generic versions of Rice … Read moreJust Another Day in the Life

Are You the Good Girl?

Post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure and Policy statement for details. In first grade, my teacher Mrs. Aves brought up a concern about me in a parent teacher conference.  She said I kept trying to throw away my “bad papers”.  They were assignments with mistakes in them, or with imperfect handwriting. In … Read moreAre You the Good Girl?

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