Star Wars Death Star Valentine’s Day Box

Star Wars Death Star Valentine’s Day Box

If it weren’t for having two snow days off from school this week, I know I would have forgotten about the Valentine’s Day party at school until the night before.

It never fails. These parties are around the same time every year, but they always seem to sneak up on us.

If you’re a last-minute mom like me, you will love this project. I wouldn’t call it elegant, but my 8-year-old was intensely happy with it.

It was by far the easiest Valentine’s Day box I have ever helped with, and it cost zero dollars. We already had what we needed at home.


We used:
A standard plastic Halloween pumpkin
tin foil
clear scotch tape
Star Wars character pictures

That’s it.

We took a regular old plastic orange Halloween pumpkin and molded the foil around the body of it the best we could, and secured it with clear scotch tape at the bottom and around the body of the pumpkin in several random places.


It really was quite sloppy, but turned out really well. I also secured the foil around the top folded down sections in a few places on the inside.

We had a Star Wars game in our game closet that came with two sets of instructions, one of which was in a foreign language. We cut out the pictures he wanted from that instruction booklet, and he then taped down the pictures he wanted on the outside of the pumpkin.

(Character pictures could also be printed online, cut from birthday cards, or even if you buy products like character fruit snacks, you can cut out the characters from the box and use those. Kids love to do art projects with stuff like that.)

He was so happy with it, and so proud to have a Death Star for a Valentine’s Day box. He got out a few Star Wars figures and played with it before leaving for school, and I know he will play with it for some time after Valentine’s Day is over.

And when the foil wears off or tears? We just throw it in the trash and we can reuse the Halloween pumpkin again next year. Perfect!



I also found these great free printable Star Wars Valentine’s Day cards from and printed them off for him to fill out.


For $7 at Wal-mart, I picked up a big pack of little Star Wars activity booklets that came with miniature crayons and a Star Wars sticker as our Valentines and taped the cards to those. Done.

This was easy to put together and everyone was happy. Win-win!

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Star Wars Death Star Valentine's Day Box made out of a Halloween pumpkin

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