Repeating First Grade: Success!

Repeating First Grade: Success!

At the beginning of the school year, I shared all about the heartache we faced when we knew we needed to hold our son back to repeat first grade.

He really struggled as the youngest in the class, and he had a lot of maturity issues that got in the way of his academics.

I wrote an update on how the first day of school went, and I thought you might be interested in an update on the last day of school.


I am so happy to report that holding our son back was the best decision we could have made.

He got a new teacher and a new classroom, and the school was already going forward with a new curriculum.


His new teacher was wonderful at making him comfortable at a parents night just before school started (he was scared about repeating), and she was really great about encouraging him and letting him be her helper.

The school was also really great about not allowing teasing.

At a parent teacher conference after the first nine weeks of school, he got a glowing review. It was such a relief. He was really progressing and moving forward.


He was so much more relaxed this school year (as were we) and it did a lot for his confidence as well. He made a lot of new friends, and it was a very successful year.

Retention is a hard thing for parents to accept, regardless of the reason. But I know I’m no less of a mom, and he’s certainly no less of a kid. He just got a victory lap, that’s all.

My advice to any parent facing uncertainty: Never be afraid to do what’s right for your child.

It was hard for me to put my parenting ego aside to do what was truly best for him, but we came away with a lot less stress for everyone, and a very happy ending.


So we’ve lived and we’ve learned, and we’re looking forward to second grade.

And hug a teacher today if you haven’t already. They spend their lives investing in our children, and they are saints!

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2 thoughts on “Repeating First Grade: Success!

  1. We didn’t start Jacob in Kindergarten until he was 6. He was a summer birthday and I had been told by several professionals that it was always a good idea to hold boys with summer birthdays. We never regretted it!

    • So glad it turned out well for Jacob! I wish we had waited in the beginning too, but we’re in the right place now and set up for success. Thanks for reading and commenting Joni 🙂

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