Quality Time with the Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum cleaner belts see me coming and immediately throw themselves to the ground in surrender.  I have never considered myself an “agressive vacuumer” but I always buy extra belts when I get a new sweeper because they are no match for my apparent wrath.

I admit that I never changed the belts myself, I always deferred to the man of the house for that.  But I kept forgetting to ask him to do it and I  knew my crawling baby was going to start leaving tracks soon because I had been putting off getting it fixed for over a month (eek!)

My husband was gone on a work project on Saturday morning, so I broke down, found the instructions for our fairly new vacuum cleaner and decided to learn how to just do it myself.  (When you teach a man to fish….)

I enlisted the help of my 6-year-old son, throwing in the comment that even grown-ups study and learn new things, and we sat down and proceeded to figure it out together.


It required me to remove the brush roll cover.  Translation: Unscrew the top part of the sweeper that covers the roller and take it off.  We cleared a lot of debris (my hair) from the roller.  We looped a new belt on and snapped the roller down back in to place.  There was a lot of tension with the new belt and I actually did need his help to get it back in.  And Voila! Done.  It was so easy.  I’m embarrassed to admit that in the past instead of just figuring out what was wrong with my old vacuum cleaners, I just bought new ones.  Problem solved!


After we were done we plugged it back in, turned it on and celebrated the fact that the roller rolled.  Success!  He even wanted to vacuum a part of the room, and we took turns chasing each other with the hand wand and “sucking” each other’s shirts. It was fun! We learned something new together, the baby climbed the vacuum cleaner as we fixed it, and we scored a victory in turning a mundane household task into a happy memory. It was such a fun morning!

And we also got a clean floor out of it.

What I learned:  You don’t have to give your kids high-priced entertainment, you just have to give them you.

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