Precious Vandalism

When our kids are quiet we always have to investigate why don’t we? Yesterday afternoon, my six year old son Timothy went to his room to “take a nap” (which has yet to actually turn into taking a nap) while I was putting the baby down for a nap in the crib.

I stepped into his room to find him laying on the bed with painter’s tape, wrapping a long piece of blue tape around a few toys, which really isn’t that unusual. After a recent birthday party, he helped me hang up decorations and developed a slight fascination with it.  (Actually I’m not sure if the fascination is with the tape, or the fact that I let him play with it, but he likes it just the same).

I forgot the tape was in his room and at bedtime when I went to check on him, I found him working on a new project.  At first, my jaw dropped, and my first instinct was to confiscate the tape, but it actually looked pretty cool so I let him keep at it.

I came back later, and this was the end result.


Aside from a few slight grammar issues, I’d say it turned out pretty well!  I wasn’t overly thrilled that I somehow missed that he had a small pair of scissors in bed with him too, but it is a big deal for a boy his age and attention span to sit there and do all of that in one sitting.  That’s pretty detailed for him, so I was more proud than anything!  And we made it through without any bed sheet or clothing cutting casualties!


Duct tape seems to get all of the love these days, but painters tape is really where it’s at in my opinion! It’s cheap and comes in a variety of colors, and different widths.  You can even curve it if you want to get fancy and re-stick it if you don’t like how it looks the first time without damaging anything.  I’m not going to run out and buy an arsenal of painter’s tape for him to do the whole house, but I’m going to leave this be because he spent a lot of time on it and is proud of it.  And thank goodness now we know whose bed is in his room! 🙂


Every spontaneous child’s art project in your home is certainly not going to always have a happy ending (like that time he accidentally decorated the kitchen floor with an entire box of corn flakes), but sometimes they just might surprise you! I would’ve missed this if I had freaked out and taken the tape away.  It’s okay to give them an inch sometimes.  As long as it isn’t duct tape!

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