Precious Pebbles Along The Way

Precious Pebbles Along The Way

“Did you get into a fight with a bear?” I asked my son as he slowly walked to the breakfast table.

He laughed. I was referring to the 3 new nicks and scratches he had on his face after wrestling around on the floor with his little brother the night before. The big one somehow always ends up with the short end of the stick, no lie.

The last few weeks for us have beenĀ  a whirlwind, so much life has happened, hasn’t it?

The Pope made a rock-star visit to the U.S. We went to a wedding. We received the sad news of the passing of my 38 year old cousin. A good friend gave birth to a sweet baby girl.

My husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. Our son celebrated his 8th birthday. Another mass shooting took place at a college. Swirling opinions and heated internet arguments about, well everything. We’ve lost track on saving money and my husband’s truck is acting up just in time. We’ll need to replace it soon.

And the holidays are right around the bend. Crowds, shopping, awkward family gatherings. Fights over parking spaces and blue light specials after the day of thanks. I’m sure there will be more headlines to take in.

The last few weeks have left me feelingĀ  a lot like I’ve been in a fight with a bear. Or on a roller coaster ride. So many twists and turns.

I don’t have any real sage advice, but if you are also feeling like the world is just spinning faster and faster and faster, you aren’t alone.

I think it’s important to take a break and just be still at least once a week to stop all of the noise. I love to take walks at a park not far from my house. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you get close to nature.

I always feel encouraged when I walk by this tree on the walking path.


Things took a strange turn for this guy, but it kept on growing and got to where it needed to be. Things don’t always turn out like you thought it would.


I don’t know his story, but sometimes you have to bend with what’s going on in this crazy life. And sometimes you just take another lap before it’s right.

If the days ahead bring on new nicks and scratches for you, or if you feel like you’ve just wrestled a bear, please hang in there. And focus on the good things.


There is always something to praise along the way.

For me right now, it’s holding dear to the words that my toddler is just now starting to speak. Like “I lub you Mommy” and the twinkle in his eye when he hands me a toy and innocently says “Is bo-ken!” (It’s broken.)

Or the way my 8 year old surprise hugs me around my waist in the middle of the kitchen for no apparent reason. These are my precious pebbles along the way.

They might be small and they might be scattered. But they make it all worth it.

And amidst all the noise and crazy, there will always be new birthdays, anniversaries, and new births. Celebrate.

Party on, Wayne. Party on Garth.

Until next time…

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