Adventures in Pokemon Go

Adventures in Pokemon Go

I tried high and low to get the Pokemon Go app to work in my small hometown in Kansas during our road trip, but I kept getting an error about too many trainer accounts and the GPS wouldn’t connect. I knew this might happen after reading the reviews from people that lived in smaller towns.

So we waited until we got back home to Tennessee. On the way home from work one evening, my husband saw a sign at a big church that welcomed Pokemon GO participants at their “gym” location.

They have a large property, so we started out there and found a few Pokemon as we slowly started out. It took a while to get going as we got our bearings to figure out which way was up.

We decided to head over to the high school and make a round on the track, bleachers and parking lot to play the game.



It was slow going at first, but my oldest got the hang of it pretty fast. It turned out to be a nice outing and we got to stretch our legs.


Here are my overall thoughts on Pokemon Go:

1. Kids that like Pokemon LOVE it and catch on very quickly, and teach you what to do.

2. I completely understand how people walk off of cliffs and into traffic. I highly recommend trying it first in a safe wide open space, and having a person in your party act as a spotter, and take turns manning the phone. It’s easy to get very focused on looking at the map.

3. It freezes up periodically but is still fun and you are in the great outdoors as it loads. Kids LOVE it and when you’re done playing, they will find something else to do outside.

4. It got us out on a nice, long family walk after dinner that we wouldn’t likely have taken (as enthusiastically) otherwise.

5. It means a lot for Pokemon fans to lead the way and they just might want to hold hands with dad while following the map.

6. Toddlers will be sure and let you know that they can’t see, so slow down and let them see. Ours lost interest a few times and ran around to play, thus an additional need for a spotter 🙂

7. Kids LOVE it.

8. It made me hungry for ice cream, giving the option to support local business. I’ve also heard others talk about how they often end up going out to lunch and find a new local shop or two they hadn’t seen before.

9. After dark, my oldest even caught some in the car on the way home, and a few in the yard and house.

10. It makes them want your phone more and uses a lot of battery power, but is not a waste of time.

11. As with anything, all things in moderation.

12. It’s great to explore local areas and get fresh air. If you look up often and appreciate where you are, I see no problem here. 


So the bottom line, family time and the great outdoors make it a worthy time investment. I think the biggest win of playing Pokemon Go was probably holding hands with dad.

Happy hunting! Click here on the Pokemon website to learn more about what a Pokemon even is and an overview of the game.

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