Please Donate an Act of Kindness

Please Donate an Act of Kindness

If you read my blog, you probably love kids and know all about the importance of family.

I love nothing more than to share my cute kid anecdotes, toddler coping skills and Tooth Fairy woes. But I think it’s also really appropriate to slow things down and put them in a proper perspective.

In the day-to-day, I think we sometimes forget how blessed we are.

As we prepare for the upcoming holiday next week, I would like to ask you to add one more thing to your to-do list.

Something simple that doesn’t have to cost anything. Something that will really count and have a great deal of meaning to a special family.

An act of kindness.

I would like to introduce you to my friend Missy, pictured here with her husband Rod.


God has asked Missy to walk through some incredible fires in her life. I get choked up trying to even comprehend what it has been like to be in her shoes.

When her youngest child Cooper was only 8 weeks old, he was diagnosed with cancer in the head and neck. He had a large tumor that had to be removed.


Rod and Missy were at his side through all of the trips back and forth, all of the testing, surgeries and hospital stays. They endured all of the worry, chemo and heartache of watching their baby fight cancer.

Cooper has two older brothers, Carson and Colby, ages 5 and 2 at the time. It was a long, difficult journey that impacted the whole family as they focused on Cooper’s illness.

I’m so glad to tell you that after all of the treatments and surgeries “Cooper the Trooper” is now cancer free.


Rod and Missy initially struggled to understand why their baby was sick, but chose to turn all of their “why’s?” into action to help other families fighting cancer.

They started a foundation to raise money for children’s cancer research. They also provide Caring and Courage Kits to the well siblings of kids diagnosed with cancer, and other resources to aid the whole family.


They also started a big pumpkin patch as their main fundraiser.

In June 2013, Rod spent Father’s Day with Missy and their three healthy young boys.

Father’s Day 2013

And less than two weeks later, Rod passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. Just before Cooper’s 5th birthday.

Last picture together, the night before Rod went into cardiac arrest

It has been a difficult transition and Missy says nearly two years later, she’s still trying to find a new normal.


She is raising their sons and trying to keep up with all of their ball games, school functions and activities.


I’ve never seen anyone in a true walk of faith like that of Missy’s. Despite her continual broken heart and life struggles, she still gets one foot in front of the other and praises the Lord in the storms.

In one week on July 3rd, 2015, it will mark the two year anniversary of Rod’s death.

Father’s Day 2015

Missy and her boys ask that you please donate one act of kindness, large or small, in honor of their father’s memory, and share a comment or picture of it on the Remembering Rod facebook page.


Rod loved the beach and loved to sit and watch the sun completely set. The beach brings them comfort this time of year.

So on July 3rd, Missy, Colby, Cooper and Carson will sit down together on the beach and read about all of the random acts of kindness made in his honor.


It is a special time for them, and it goes a really long way in their grieving process.

Please perform an act of kindness between now and July 3rd and share about it on the Remembering Rod page. Please also share your location so we can see how far this love train goes!

Let’s lift them up with story after story after story of kindness taking place in their dad’s memory.


Let’s turn their “why’s?” into action!

I look forward to seeing the good that will come about in Rod’s honor, and I’ll be sharing an act of kindness there too.

If you would like to follow their story, Missy writes about her faith and life after loss on her inspiring blog Sunsets After Storms.
She also continues to run the Cooper Trooper Foundation.

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8 thoughts on “Please Donate an Act of Kindness

  1. WOW! This is amazing for this family to do to honor Rod! Thanks so much for sharing their story! We will be supporting them and doing an act of kindness. I cannot imagine going through all that and still have faith and be smiling. She is an amazing woman and going to raise amazing boys!

  2. Audra….you bless me more than you can imagine! Thank you so much for sharing our story in a way that only you can. Love you and your BIG heart to do for others!

  3. You can count me in. I can’t even begin to imagine what this road has been like for them. God bless them on their journey ahead.

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