Driving An Old Pickup Truck With A Stick Shift

First of all I need to say that I’ve driven a stick shift before.  My first car was  a little 4-speed Mercury Capri.  I prefer a more-hands-available user-friendly vehicle, so a car with a standard transmission is not my first choice, though I certainly made do.   An old beat up truck  is a standard mode … Read more

Climbing A Tree

We were outside in the yard last weekend enjoying the weather. I was scoping out a nice place to hang a tire swing, when I decided what the heck, I’m going to try and climb this tree.  I don’t even remember the last time I was in a tree.  It luckily has a short trunk … Read more

Learning How to Make Biscuits

When I first moved to the South, I thought it was funny that you could buy a biscuit and a sweet tea anywhere you went.  When I envision living in the country, I picture a little ‘ol lady in the kitchen cooking every meal, her number one pride being biscuits made from scratch.  Since I … Read more

There Goes My Life

Today was the first day of school for us.  This was my first summer as a stay at home mom.  Though at times the summer seemed so long, the last few cherished weeks went pretty fast.  My son is now a first grader.  I wrote this a year ago on his first day of kindergarten, … Read more

I’m Running Away and Never Coming Back

The thought seared through my head.  It was not my finest day as a mom.  The never-ending snack requests, toys littering the living room floor and clingy baby cries piled up on me. It was soon after a trip back home, and I was really missing my family.  The air conditioner in the car conked … Read more

Are You the Good Girl?

Post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure and Policy statement for details. In first grade, my teacher Mrs. Aves brought up a concern about me in a parent teacher conference.  She said I kept trying to throw away my “bad papers”.  They were assignments with mistakes in them, or with imperfect handwriting. In … Read more

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