Run Dog Run! Whoa, Little Fella.

When I was a senior in high school,  my best friend Brenna and I were cruising around town one afternoon when we came to a stop sign at an intersection. We were waiting for a big oil truck to cross in front of us and what we saw next still makes us laugh until we cry, and … Read moreRun Dog Run! Whoa, Little Fella.

The Two Little Words Every Man Wants To Hear

It’s easy to forget about each other when you have little arms around your knees… There are so many references in pop culture that say husbands and dads are useless buffoons that don’t matter, and I refuse to feed into that. I am blessed with a wonderful, hard-working family man and I want to make … Read moreThe Two Little Words Every Man Wants To Hear

No More Travel Until Everyone Walks, Talks and Pees in the Potty

Traveling with kids is not for the weak. Here is my adventure flying with two kids alone.

The kids are back in school! Did you go on vacation anywhere over the break? In my opinion, there is no such thing as a vacation when you are traveling with little people. I define a vacation as a relaxing trip, and having kids in tow is anything but. My friend Val recently took a long … Read moreNo More Travel Until Everyone Walks, Talks and Pees in the Potty

What I Learned at Pee Wee Basketball Camp

I stand at a modest 5’1, but I was not the one enrolled in the basketball camp, my 6-year-old son was. And can I just say that watching 5 and 6 year olds learn how to play basketball is the cutest, funniest and most nerve-racking thing I have ever seen? It’s cute because the basketballs are as big … Read moreWhat I Learned at Pee Wee Basketball Camp

Monster Trucks, Skating and Painting Oh My

As I looked back on my writings of 2013, I saw several posts where I was often frustrated and worn out as a stay at home mom. That’s sometimes simply a part of the deal, but it doesn’t always have to be. Now that the baby is older and I’ve found my footing, I’m going to take … Read moreMonster Trucks, Skating and Painting Oh My

Why I Never Take the Advice “Just Be Yourself”

I’ve heard it said a million times. Everything will be okay if you “just be yourself.” But will it? What if, underneath it all, you have an angry, vengeful heart? What if you have to work hard every day to be a nice person? What if you are embattled in choosing your response to everyday … Read moreWhy I Never Take the Advice “Just Be Yourself”

Do Not Touch Mommy’s Chocolate

Ah yes, holiday break from school. All that togetherness. Constant togetherness. The social media statuses have changed from warm fuzzy Christmas blessings to “Are these kids ever going to go back to school???” I am no exception, though I have managed to hold it together pretty well thus far. We don’t have family here, and my husband … Read moreDo Not Touch Mommy’s Chocolate

Unfortunate Children’s Art

If you’re a parent you’ve displayed it, and if you were a kid you made it. There’s no denying that children’s art projects can get a little “homely.” The displays at my home (and my mom’s home) are no exception!


I saw a picture of homemade Santa ornaments made from children’s handprints, and I knew immediately that I wanted to make them. It is a super easy salt dough recipe, and they are adorable! Though I knew they wouldn’t turn out quite like the picture…

My son was so excited to do these! He loved pressing his hands in the dough, and couldn’t wait to paint them. It’s hard for me to just let go and be messy sometimes, but I knew that in the long run, these would be so much better if I let him paint them his way. I gave him guidelines on where to paint so it still looked like a Santa, and then I just let him paint.

Painted Ornaments

He had white paint all over his shirt and pants and hands and arms, and even one of his ears, but I didn’t give him a hard time because he was so proud of his paint job. And I had paint on my arms and pants too.  I used a latex paint so it washed easy, no big woop.  I did the baby’s ornaments and supervised the project.


Quite honestly the worst looking one is my favorite. He wanted to make it green, and I didn’t want to stifle the creativity. (I can’t even blame all of the ugly on the kids, I drew the black lines!) We made a set of ornaments for both sets of grandparents for Christmas, and made a set for us as well. I love these, and I know that later on I will really miss their little hand prints being this small.



This is a Santa craft that I did in Kindergarten in 1979.


It is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, but my mom proudly displayed it every year, and she’s since passed it on to me and now I display it every year. Goofy Santa has lost a few details but he’s in amazing shape for being over 3 decades.



I also made these clay angels. I’m not sure what happened with Lumpy McGee there on the end, but I made them all, and they  are on display right now as a set at my moms house. Kind of a buy 2 get 1 free kind of a deal if you ask me, but she loves them! She says when she’s ready, I will inherit these as well.

My brother and sister and I used to always joke about how embarrassing it was to have our young works of art laid out for everyone to see at family gatherings, but it really did make us feel special that our mom loved them so much. Here’s another elementary creation:


Now that I have little ones of my own I fully understand why the homely ones mean so much. It is art created by a child that put a lot of effort into it and thought it looked beautiful.


He is really proud of these! He picked the hanging ribbons and I let him choose who got which ornaments, and he helped pack them in pretty boxes for shipping to the grandparents. And he hung his favorite one on the tree. The green one.

It was a special time that we had together making them, and to me they are beautiful. They have names and dates on the back, and I hope to still have them when they are grown so I can pass them on as well. (And so I can show all of his friends that come over what he made when he was 6.)

So if you ever visit my house during the holidays, you can fully expect a whole lotta ugly and a REALLY proud mom!


Here are a few more bonus kids art projects I have hanging up!



Don’t be shy! Please share any stories or pictures of the unfortunate children’s art you’ve made or proudly display at your house!


**I am really bad at keeping up a baby book, so I started writing these when he turned 1. I write one every year, and I plan to give them to him when he’s 18 (unless I have a really rebellious tween, then I may break them out sooner!) He doesn’t know I’m writing them.** … Read moreSix

You Win, Giant Ham

Post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure and Policy statement for details. Over the summer we were generously given a 20 lb. Tennessee Country Ham. I’m talking the huge, serious type of smoked country ham that hangs from racks in a smokehouse. After consulting Wikipedia I am well aware of what it takes … Read moreYou Win, Giant Ham

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