Our Favorite Things at the LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Our Favorite Things at the LEGOLAND Florida Resort

**This is a sponsored post with the LEGOLAND Florida Resort. We received a one-night complimentary stay with park tickets in exchange for a resort review. I only partner with brands that are a great fit for my family, and all opinions are my own.

I am one that yearns for the simple. I love kids playing outside barefoot in the yard and jumping on the trampoline. But every now and again I think it’s great to be able to take a crazy fun theme park vacation.

I have one child that is very focused and deliberate and one child that’s more fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants, full steam ahead with flailing arms. 

I love them both and their differences with all my heart. They often run off in different directions. That’s hard sometimes.

But I’ll tell ya, the only thing they will both sit down and focus on for long periods of time is building with LEGO bricks. No joke. Especially the big one.

When I knew I was going to be in the area for a work conference, I knew the LEGOLAND Florida Resort would be exciting for us. Especially since they are also big fans of the Ninjago show and a new Ninjago exhibit just opened there.

Our Arrival

I managed to keep it a secret from them and they got really excited as we pulled into the parking lot. My little one recognized the Ninjago signs right away and then we saw the LEGOLAND Hotel as we drove in.

The Legoland Hotel in Florida has an awesome lobby. They're sitting on a pirate bed made from LEGO bricks.
Yassss! Photo: Audra Rogers

They flipped. Out. “Really??? Are we staying here?? And Ninjago’s here too??!”

Characters help entertain kids while parents check in to the hotel
Look at the dragon! Photo: Audra Rogers

I loved that a young lady (with LEGOLAND) dressed in character saw us outside and showed the boys the dragon as I got stuff out of the car.  She also showed them several cool things in the lobby as I got checked in. Such a big help!

After riding the fun colorful Disco Elevators, we went up to the room. 

Check Out Our Pirate Room!

We had an awesome Pirate themed room with an “Adults Keep Out” sign in the children’s galley-style room.  Bunk beds with a trundle underneath and their own tv: thumbs up!

Child's pirate themed room at the Legoland Hotel features bunk beds with trundle, lego kit and treasure hunt in each room.
Arggh! No parents, Matey. Photo: Audra Rogers

They also loved the decor made out of LEGO bricks throughout. Each room also comes with a LEGO kit that stays with the room after your stay.

A treasure chest was the first thing we saw with a simple treasure hunt in the Welcome brochure to get the lock combination. They loved their treasure! (Prizes may vary depending on kids ages, etc.)

Our treaure hunt prizes in our Legoland Hotel Pirate room
 Pouch drinks, mini Ninjago LEGO kits, lanyards, activity booklets and kits catalog Photo: Audra Rogers

Mommy loved her huge pirate bed with themed decor and a KEURIG, yo! LEGOLAND gets it.

Pirate themed room at Legoland Hotel with pirate decor, tv and a Keirug
I’ll keep out, don’t worry! Photo: Audra Rogers

All Hail Ninjago World

We set off to find Ninjago first thing and the big one went tearing through the park. We went through it twice! And we tried out our sweet Spinjitzu moves on the Ninjago ride.

The Ninjago ride at Legoland Florida
Whacking cobras with our hands! Photo: Audra Rogers

We spent the most time here in the Ninjago exhibit and took note of all of the detail and brick combinations to build all of the figures in the park.

Kai figure in the Ninjago exhibit at Legoland Florida.
Whaaaa? Kai is built with lots of fiery color. Photo: Audra Rogers

It really is amazing and we saw so many detailed works. Honest mom moment: the kids helped me caption the photo below!

Ninjago figures at the Legoland park in Florida. Figures are Jay, Lloyd, Cole and Sensei Wu
Ninjago figures Jay, Lloyd, Cole and Sensei Wu Photo: Audra Rogers

One of the things I loved most about LEGOLAND: all of the places to stop and build. A popular spot where we camped out for a while was the Ninjago Monastery that greets you as you walk in.

The Ninjago Monastery at the Legoland Florida park
The Ninjago Monastery Photo: Audra Rogers

Kids are encouraged to add their own own creations at the base of the mountain. 

He says he added the Seventh Tower, a giant ice tower because he is a Zane fan (the ice ninja). It’s next to him in the picture below.

Ninjago exhibit at Legoland Florida park
Proudly adding his own creation at the base of the Ninjago Monastery. Photo: Audra Rogers

We all enjoyed a nice building breather and cool breeze as the weather cooled in late afternoon. They were huge fans of the Spinjitzu spinners and the climbing wall. Both can be seen in the video below of our favorite things!

There is also a nice large, detailed Ninjago Monastery display in the BIG STORE gift shop near the entrance.

See a detailed LEGO model of the Ninjago Monastery in the Big Store gift shop at the Legoland Park in Florida.
Ninjago Monastery LEGO model in Big Store gift shop. Photo: Audra Rogers

MINILAND is Awesome

Some other big highlights: We loved all of the builds in MiniLand. Las Vegas, New York, Legowood and drumroll please… Star Wars!

Legoland Florida park features several LEGO models from Star Wars including the Millenium Falcon, Tattooine Cantina, Imperial Walkers, Darth Vader, R2D2, Darth Maul, Endor, battle vehicles
Star Wars LEGO models. On yeah! Photo: Audra Rogers


There are also a ton of building places in the LEGOLAND Hotel as you might expect, which is AMEN just a short walk down the sidewalk away from the entrance of the park. A welcome treat for our feet at the end of the day.

LEGOLAND Hotel Florida is less than a block away from the LEGOLAND Park entrance
Already home! Boom. Photo: Audra Rogers

We ate dinner on site and went up to our room to rest. They did a quiet build in the LEGO Club room in the lobby before joining in to the Pajama Dance Party in the lobby before bedtime.

After that, we rode the disco elevator a few more times before retiring to bed.

 They built quietly with their treasure hunt kits and the kit in the room, and then it was bedtime. We all slept GREAT!

What’s New?

We anxiously await the brand new LEGOLAND Beach Retreat that is set to open April 2017. The water park was not yet open for the season during our visit so we’ll be back!

In the meantime, check out this video of all of our favorite things at the LEGOLAND Florida Resort!

Our favorite things at the Legoland Florida Resort hotel and park. Star Wars, Ninjago and pirates oh my!

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