New Jungle Exploration Kits from LEGO City and National Geographic Kids

New Jungle Exploration Kits from LEGO City and National Geographic Kids

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“Ooooooo, I like that one. I want one that has a tiger in it!”

“Tigers aren’t in the jungle, William. Tigers live in the savannah.”

I looked pointedly at my oldest, impressed that he knew the difference. We were sifting through images of the brand new LEGO City Jungle Explorer kits and trying to pick our favorite one to start with.

This one was a hit:

LEGO City Jungle kit with alligator and explorer in kayak in river
Photo credit: the LEGO Group

New LEGO City Jungle Explorer Kits

You will find the typical witty LEGO humor in every kit, along with a sincere effort to educate kids.

National Geographic Kids announced a new partnership with LEGO City on the release of new LEGO City Jungle Explorer kits. The goal is to teach kids about the jungle habitat. (And the only way this partnership could be improved upon is if Guns n Roses’ Welcome to the Jungle were the theme music!)

Lego City Jungle kit with vehicle and minifigures around a campfire
Photo credit: the LEGO Group
Lego City Jungle kit with crocodile, snake and female on minifigure on expedition
Photo credit: the LEGO Group/NatGeoKids

The kits include both male and female mini-figure explorers (girls, hit your hallelujah, whoo!)

NatGeoKids also released a special Jungle issue of NatGeoKids Magazine. Inside the magazine you’ll find great insight into what it takes to be a real-life explorer in the amazon, and what it takes to capture video and images of what you’ll find. I found that of particular interest given my time in the news field. (It really is a jungle out there!)

Actual Explorers Oversaw the Creation Process

Real-life National Geographic jungle explorer Andrés Ruzo played a big part in the creation of the kits. He is well-known for his expeditions exploring the “Boiling River” in the Amazon, and he wants to motivate a future generation of jungle explorers and encourage conservation in a fun way that speaks to kids.

I want kids to love the jungle and to want to protect and understand it as much as I do. Long before I was ever exploring the jungle, I was dreaming up my own jungle adventures as a boy. This is why I am so excited for the LEGO CITY Jungle range: I want playtime to inspire the next generation of jungle explorers.”

Lego City Jungle kit with expedition vehicles, minifigures in jungle expedition habitat
Photo credit: the LEGO Group

Ruzo continued:

“The goal: To inspire kids to care about the jungle and the planet. The tools: High-tech gear like drones, GPSes and thermal cameras – and the new LEGO CITY Jungle sets, of course!” -Andrés Ruzo

Enter to Win a Costa Rica Family Expedition:

You can even win the chance to explore in real-life as a family in Central America on a 7-day Costa Rica Family Expedition with National Geographic Expeditions.

The winning family will explore the treetops and volcanic canyon landscapes of Rio Blanco, go zip lining through tropical forests surrounded by astonishing wildlife, visit a wildcat rescue center to meet orphaned ocelots and jaguars, dine in a treehouse and get to experience the real-life jungle.

Contest is open to kids ages 6 through 16 in the United States. Contest entrants must imagine something they might discover deep in the jungle – and then draw it or build it with LEGO bricks.

Other prizes include LEGO® City Jungle Explorer kits! Further details are available on the LEGO site here.

Or Explore as a Family from Home

If you’d rather explore as a family from the comforts of home, the NatGeoKids website has a great jungle-themed section with games, videos, animals, jungle kit photo galleries and photos and bios of the minifigures on expedition, like below:

Lego City Jungle kit with male minifigure, spider, machete and jungle plants
Photo credit: the LEGO Group/NatGeoKids
Lego City Jungle kit with vehicle, minifugure, spider and panther
Photo credit: the LEGO Group

Win the Special Jungle Issue of National Geographic Kids Magazine and a LEGO City Jungle Explorers Starter Set

To enter to win the special Jungle Issue of National Geographic Kids magazine and the Jungle Explorer Starter Set (includes 3 mini-figure explorers, crocodile, snake, frog, boat, tree and explorer accessories) click over to the RealHonestMomBlog Facebook page and follow the easy directions on the pinned post.

**Giveaway ends 11:59 pm 9/24/2017. Winner will be chosen at random and notified by 9/26/17. U.S. Residents Only.

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