Neon Summer Fun with Rose Art®

Neon Summer Fun with Rose Art®

In the spirit of My Dirty, Happy Kid I vowed to relax and let the kids get good and dirty this summer in the name of good, old-fashioned fun. I feel like I spend a lot of time trying to keep things tidy, so I want to try and let things be a little more free-spirited while we’re on school break.

Rose Art® sent us these neon sidewalk chalk paints to try. They are washable and non-toxic and come in a variety of colors (some with glitter included), so I was all about trying something new.


The paints come in a pack of two colors each and include two small foam brushes and a stir stick. The paints come in powder form and you just add water. I added water to the fill line but was having trouble with a lot of air bubbles forming as I mixed the paint powder and water.


I mixed a few with the wooden stir stick and then switched to a metal spoon with the same result, but after letting the paints settle for about 5-10 minutes, we were ready to go. It was also a much thinner consistency than I was expecting for paint. It is a very thin, chalky mix (which makes sense because it’s sidewalk chalk paint.)

The paint needed to be stirred before use after it settled, but the boys didn’t miss a beat, and they loved using it on the bricks. I even got in on the action and painted these.


The colors are very vibrant and look really cool as they dry.



I just let them go to town willy-nilly, and they came up with their own designs.

They also enjoyed the big markers. You add water up to the fill line inside them and shake to mix up the paint.



The paint came out pretty fast, so of course they made it come out even faster by squeezing them. They made cool patterns by mixing the colors as they splashed down, we liked the pink and blue together.

Neon Summer Fun with Rose Art

And then I had an idea. I had my husband test a small area first, and then I suggested we try the paints on the trampoline. I thought it would be neat to see the contrast of the colors on a black background.



The paint held and didn’t soak through, so it gave them a nice canvas to work with. I drew my name and paid homage to Prince, because what else are you going to do with a bright, beautiful purple?




One of the boys spilled a paint cup on the trampoline while they were moving around so I thought, well, we’ve come this far. Why not just jump all over what we drew?

My oldest looked at me cautiously. “Really mommy? We can jump all over in the paint?” I gave the green light and they laughed and squealed and got really, really dirty and it was awesome.






The paint is chalky and not slick, but my husband and I supervised on either side of the “paint-o-line” in case it was too slippery since it was wet. They had a blast rolling in it, and they played until the sun went down.

They were delightfully dirty! I neglected to hose them down with the garden hose outside before sticking them in the bath tub, so the bath water turned purple right away. I needed to refill the tub with cleaner water, but they were so happy and even enjoyed the bath water. (Be sure to rinse out your tub right away too.)

The “paint-o-line” was an unconventional use of sidewalk chalk paints (that was totally my idea), so it took a good long 30 minute soak to get them clean, but I knew that might be the case, and I just chalked it up to the sign of a good summer (see what I did there?) It came off easily everywhere except for their knees and the bottoms of their feet.

And their clothes?


Came completely clean on a first wash, and we got a good, hard rain a few days later that cleared the trampoline.

The boys still talk about how awesome it was several days later, and I know they’ll look back on this as a fun time when mom let them get really messy with neon colors on the trampoline. So worth it!

The Sidewalk Chalk Paint markers can be purchased at Toys R Us, Joann’s, Meijer, the Rose Art website, or Amazon.

The paint buckets can be purchased at Toys R Us, Walgreens, Rose Art and Amazon.

Amazon links are affiliate links. If you purchase, I get a small percentage of the sale at no extra charge to you

This is a sponsored post with Rose Art®. We received product in exchange for an honest review, but were not compensated for our opinion.

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  1. That’s such a cool idea! Our trampoline was destroyed by a recent storm, but I might have to try these paints just on the sidewalk. They look really nice a brilliant!

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