Breakfast in Bed with Dirty Feet on Mother’s Day

There has been so much life happen over the last several months. I’ve seen the tragic unexpected loss of loved ones, job changes, divorces, marriages, new babies and graduation announcements.

The only thing that is certain is change. The loss of friends have shaken us to the core this year and this weekend we just took the time to make our time together really count, and that’s all I could ever want for Mother’s Day.


It wasn’t perfect. We cast fishing lines into trees, our toddler fell in the water up to his knees and I used a fishing lure that was completely wrong for fishing in a pond the entire time, but it all counted.




We live in the country, but the kids and I are pretty much all city-slicker when it comes to fishing. My husband has been fishing many times, and even caught a great fish for the place we were at and the boys squealed with excitement, but wouldn’t touch it. (I didn’t want to touch it either.)

We had such a nice time, we went again the next day.



But it was nice, quiet time together (as quiet as kids can be while fishing, anyway) and we were outside on a beautiful day exploring the fishing holes we have lived next to for several years but never made the time to enjoy.



We did a little yard work after we got home while the kids ran around playing and we burned the brush in the firepit. My husband set up our little camping tent and the kids had fun jumping in and out of it.


We ate sandwiches and chips by the fire and let the kids stay up late to enjoy a little late night trampoline action. We found Jupiter and The Big Dipper (I actually never see the Big Dipper because I don’t get the pattern, but that’s our little secret) and the kids helped throw things in the fire and we talked about life and dragons and Minecraft and homonyms and antonyms and friends at school.

I talked about how where we live is better than Disneyworld, and my oldest cautioned me not to get too carried away but he did say he really likes being at home.

We all went to bed smelling like bait and bonfire, but dammit it all counted and it’s one of the weekends I’ll remember forever.

So I’m sitting here in my bedroom right now with my laptop pretending to be sleeping in (though we all know mothers can never really do that) and I’m going to pretend to be surprised with the breakfast in bed that the elephants in the kitchen are currently putting together with my little cards and homemade school crafts and my heart will be full.

The kids are already arguing over who isn’t cleaning in the living room and who played with which toy last. So life is carrying on as usual. Life isn’t perfect, but it sure is good.


It was the best weekend ever and we made it count. So I’m sitting here now waiting on breakfast with my dirty feet and a full heart, I wish you all a wonderful and truly Happy Mother’s Day.

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