Mom’s Summer Vocabulary

Mom’s Summer Vocabulary

I love to foster an environment of boredom for the kids over the summer. I develop a lot of anxiety if I have to rush around from activity to activity and the kids play best when they’re bored, they really do.

It also saves a bit of coin when we are blissfully unscheduled. We did a short stint of swimming lessons and planned one weekend out of town, but other than that we have a lot of freedom for the summer.

That’s good, however long summer breaks and bored, hungry kids bring back Mom’s Summer Vocabulary with a vengeance. I mean, who doesn’t like repeating the answers to the same questions over and over, right?

Have you said any of the following yet?

Mom’s Summer Vocabulary:

Stop that.
Leave him alone.
No, you just ate.
There are a thousand toys in this house.
No, you just ate.
Stop it.
Leave him alone.
No, you just ate.
No, we just ate.
There are a thousand Legos in this house.
Yes you can go outside.
Let him swing first.
Yes, you can watch tv.
Stop fighting over the remote.
I know he had it last.
No, you just ate.
No, we just ate.

(repeat x infinity)

Long summer days on school break bring back Mom's Summer Vocabulary, aka parenting snacks, kids, I'm bored and kids who are always hungry.

It’s all to celebrate the joy of a little bit of too much togetherness at the moment.

What are your favorite repeated answers and phrases? Hang in there!

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