Mom Toy Assembly

Mom Toy Assembly

Hey, speaking of Christmas morning (now that no one is speaking about it anymore), you know who I have all the respect in the world for after Christmas morning 2014 in the Rogers household?


Or if you’re a single parent on Christmas morning, you. You do it all, you are a saint and I deeply, deeply admire you.

My husband woke up on Christmas morning, really sick with the flu.

He was up long enough to watch the boys open gifts, then it was back to bed, and I became the default opener of impossible boxes and assembler of toys.

I’m not saying I couldn’t stand to learn a little more about the construction behind plastic playthings. I’m just not used to being unexpectedly thrust into that role.

You know what a Cozy Coupe looks like new in the box?

Cozy Coupe before

It looks like a million pieces, that’s what.

Cozy Coupe

But my little guy was so enamored with the box, I couldn’t let him down, could I?

I read the instructions 10 times, but since I still wasn’t confident in putting it together, I referred to the YouTube videos listed in the instructions.

Cozy Coupe Assembly

It was still hard and awkward to put together, starting and stopping the videos, with kids running and jumping over parts and rummaging through the pieces.

And who knew that these innocent-looking little vehicles seen in every yard and church hallway could be so difficult?

I installed the side door (slid the bottom into the plastic compartment) and one of the kids came and took the door and ran off with it.

I figured it would keep them occupied so I went ahead and installed the roof section, not knowing that the roof “leg” is what holds the door down and secure. Doh.

Cozy Coupe After

I managed to cram the door in under the roof leg, and it was finally complete. After the instructions, several how-to videos, and a little cussing (I’m sorry, Jesus)


The car and trailer are being thoroughly enjoyed to this day. Our Christmas tree has since been retired.


I also put together this little motorcycle. It was a breeze since I did the Cozy Coupe first.

Motorcycle After

I’m getting really good at screwing metal screws into hard plastic with a screwdriver by hand! And I know what an axle cap tool is. I will go ahead and accept my honorary degree from MIT now.

Cozy Boy

The boys really enjoy them, and it was all worth it. It never hurts to learn a new skill!

And now I know for bigger gifts, it’s a good idea to assemble them beforehand. They were delivered from family in plenty of time. I just… didn’t.

My Christmas Day experience also gave a whole new meaning to my favorite gift from my husband that day…

Mama and Babies

What we won’t do for Christmas morning smiles.

Maybe he planned the whole thing?


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2 thoughts on “Mom Toy Assembly

  1. My husband has worked as a church music director since our girls were born, which put me into the role of the Christmas Eve assembler of all bigger gifts – art tables, chairs, easels, toy kitchens…

    Yeah, you have my empathy, mama. I cannot imagine trying to do the assembly as the kiddos are running around in anticipation of said toy.


    It is my honor to present you with this honorary Engineering Degree from MIT. Well done, mama!

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