What If Your Kids Wrote A Blog About You?

I was making my baby a snack when I turned around and saw he scooted my laptop over to his seat.


I took a picture and joked that he was writing my blog today because it was only fair that he get to tell his side.

And then I got to thinking, what if he really did write a blog about me? What would he say? Would he talk about the good times or the not-so-proud mommy moments?

Would he tell the world about that time I was trying to help him walk down the porch steps and I ended up being more helpful at causing him to trip?

What about that time I was kicking around a soccer ball with his older brother and I repeated several times to be careful because it was slippery, and I slid on my backside in the mud instead?

What about that time I got up extra early to finish preps for Thanksgiving and I set off the smoke alarm and had to open the back door on a cold morning to air out the house? (You Win, Giant Ham)

Or what about that time I opened the refrigerator door and knocked him down?

Or that time I opened the washer door and knocked him down? (He’s sneaky.)

Or that time I opened the dishwasher door and knocked him down? (I’m not trying to hurt him, I swear)

Or maybe that one time after church when I took the bait and yelled back at a woman in the McDonald’s drive-thru lane? (Why on earth do they put two lanes in?)

Would he talk about what a complete travesty it is that I will not let him climb the bookshelf or eat bouncy rubber balls?

Or the repair bill after mommy learned the very important difference between having the overdrive off and on in daddy’s big truck? (Sometimes Your Truck Breaks Down And You Meet Johnny America)

Would he talk about how terrifying cats are when they walk towards you?

Would he talk about how terrifying animatronic dinosaurs are at the zoo? (Here’s What Really Happened On Our Zoo Trip)

Would he talk about how terrifying Saturn Missle fireworks are on the 4th of July?

Or would he talk about how I let them stay up late playing outside and sent them to bed with dirty feet? And how I let them eat cookout leftovers and Cheetos and brownies for breakfast the next day? Or floor wrestling and couch snuggles with a Mother Goose rhyme book?

What would he say?

Social media doesn’t come with a handbook just yet, so I think we all just share what we share and learn as we go. I am honest about what I share, but I’m also careful about what I put out there.

Because it’s just good manners, and besides with your kids… one day, the tables will turn. They already see us documenting the day-to-day, what will it be like when they’re able? Will they share a cute picture of me in the bath tub?


(God forbid if they ever get to a point where they have a picture of me in the tub, I hope they will spare you the trauma.)

I hope that when my kids are old enough to read my blog, they will see how much I cared about improving myself and being a good mom. I may have complaints about the daily maintenance of life sometimes, but I really do love being a mom.

Plus, I’m giving them ample opportunity to see me make mistakes and it’s great material for any future writing endeavors they may have. I’m sure more awesome adventures are afoot! Stay tuned.






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