Kids These Days…

Kids These Days…

For every negative article out there that talks about “kids these days” there should be an equal and opposite article that highlights how awesome they are.

There will always be generational growing pains, and there will also always be a whole slew of kids out there doing something good. We should highlight more of that.

I don’t turn a blind eye to the current state of affairs at any given time and there is some merit in their discussion. For me, I just choose to channel my creative passions into positive things. That’s my jam. All of that other stuff is covered.

Ellie painting with her grandmother

I came across a young lady named Ellie recently and she just turned 10 years old. She is very close to her grandmother who could easily be described as her lifelong best friend.

They have spent a lot of time together over the years cooking and sewing going to church. They also enjoy special girls days out with Ellie’s mother, so all 3 generations are together on a regular basis.

Ellie visiting her grandmother in the hospital

Ellie’s grandmother Rita had spinal cord surgery and underwent a long and painful recovery with several complications. This year Granny wasn’t able to participate in their usual winter traditions or leave the nursing home for their regular visits.

She was undergoing a lot of rehab and recovery. Unfortunately, she was also going to have to miss Ellie’s birthday party this year.

Ellie's 10th birthday party at the nursing home to celebrate with her grandmother

Ellie couldn’t bear the thought of celebrating her birthday without Granny.

So she moved her birthday party to Granny’s nursing home so she could be there to celebrate with Ellie at her Alice in Wonderland birthday party.

She was able to watch Ellie celebrate her birthday and help decorate cookies at her party, and it warmed her heart.

Ellie's 10th birthday party at the nursing home to celebrate with her grandmother

It brought Granny to joyful tears. She talked about how time with Ellie and the other kids at the party are like medicine to her as she recovers.

Seeing her grand daughter happy and having fun with her friends was a joy. She says when her grandchildren walk through the door, the sun comes out and nothing else matters.

What an amazing gesture and testament to their loving relationship. Kids are awesome.

Alice in Wonderland family costumes

Granny is also an Alice in Wonderland fan. She dressed up as the rabbit to surprise Ellie for Halloween in 2012.

Kids are amazing and wonderful and they have empathy and think of others. In all of the hard work that parenting entails, know that all of the hard work we do matters, and we will get to see the fruits of our labor blossom and shine into the world.

Hang in there, parents! It will all pay off someday and if you see something positive out there, share it!

See more great costume pics from the Alice in Wonderland party and read the full version of Ellie and Granny’s story here on Babble

And watch the video that to date has over 70,000 views!

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