Just Another Day in the Life

Just Another Day in the Life

“Which one did you get?”

“I get Kywo-wen, what did you get?”

“I got the Millenium Falcon!”

I like to give the boys Star Wars gummy vitamins in the morning to help balance out the lack of any kind of  “good cereal” in the house. I always buy the boring  and generic versions of Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes and Cheerios. I like to keep it simple. In life and in cereal choices.

As much as I love to indulge in fun kid stuff and venture off to see the sights, just as much can be said for the more mundane, run-of-the-mill kind of days.

I love lazy weekends where we eat Corn Flakes and can’t tell whose legs and feet are whose while intertwined on the couch watching too much tv. I love giving them the gift of boredom in between all of the stuff we do so all have a chance to breathe and just be.

I want to be a good, functional productive human being but I also keep a close watch on the family schedule so we don’t get overwhelmed. We are in a place right now where we aren’t doing very many outside activities and some days it’s hard enough to feel like I have everything balanced.

I decided to stay home this weekend instead of indulging in yet another kids event where we knew we’d spend more money than we planned. (We are going to the county fair in a few days, so we opted to save our energy and spendage for that instead, we have a good fair and we love the rides.)

When we scale back a little bit on outside entertainment, the house usually ends up paying for it but I get to see cool stuff too.

Dinosaur Habitat

There are dinosaur habitats and exhibits all over my house, inspired by our summer trip to the Sternberg Museum and the discovery of The Land Before Time on Netflix.


Everything, everywhere is dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs again.


It was a little unnerving at first, but hey, I figure I want to let them play out the stuff they’re interested in, in the hopes that they’ll stay interested in healthy, educational things.

Now that school has started, my schedule will open up a bit to take on more work and I’ll keep you posted on that stuff. I’m consistently putting irons in the fire behind the scenes and I look forward to bringing on new projects here shortly.

This week I get to combine my love of writing, shooting and editing, and fun kids stuff, so stay tuned! I will share about it when it’s ready.

As I shared about on the Facebook page, I talked about how I seize the little snippets of the day to stay close with the kids.


With my third grader, it’s simple conversation on the porch in the 10 minutes before the bus comes, and with my 3 yr old, we like to sit on the porch in the afternoons and watch the school buses drive by as the middle school lets out near our house.

Life is about to get busier and busier with a new school year, so use those moments in the car or any small snippet of time you can to stay in tune with kids. It’s a crazy world we’re sending them into and even the short spurts of time you have can really count if you want them to.

Hang in there, parents! Back-To-school is here, and as the greatest rock band that ever lived (Guns N’ Roses) would say, Welcome to the Jungle.

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