It’s Not A DeLorean. But It Takes Me Back In Time.

I didn’t grow up on a farm but I still consider myself to be a farm kid. Crazy and free, once upon a time.

Entertainment in a small Kansas farm town can be hard to come by. I was so lucky to have go-carts and 4-wheelers at my disposal, and a large field next to my house to run around in.

I’ve really missed that. It’s easy to get caught up in the “survival mode” of family life and forget that the wind can still whip around in your hair.

We were so blessed by family friends not long ago with the gift of never-ending adventure! Their son outgrew his go-cart and they gifted it to us.

WHAT?!! YEEEHAW! Move over kids, mama’s got some new wheels!

GoCart Mom

Oops, I mean, look at our new go-cart, kids!

GoCart Mom

I took it for a spin, and once again felt a little crazy and free. Responsibly crazy and free, of course.

The neighbor dog runs alongside his side of the fence to chase us, and we probably turn a few heads along our busy road with our woo-hoo’s and laughs.

GoCart Mom

But there is nothing better than feeling the wind whip through my hair, and hearing my 6 year old’s belly laughs and squeals as we make our rounds in the yard.

I know just how you feel, kid.

GoCart Mom

It takes me back to the days of going to the dirt track car races way back when. Seemed so simple. Just you, perfect evening weather, and the roar of a powerful engine!

The days of the Dukes of Hazzard. The A-Team. Back To The Future hover shoes. And mudding.

Those days also gave me a flair for the simple now that I’m an adult.

I have wonderful memories of makeshift baseball games in the field next to my house with cousins and neighborhood friends, eating honeysuckles, catching lizards, and of course the go-carts and 4-wheelers.

We literally had the house where grass didn’t grow because we ran a path around the house and in the field.

I really want to raise my kids like that. It’s more and more scarce these days. We need less apps and activities, and more roly-polys and playing in the dirt in my opinion.


I know that not everyone is just gifted a go-cart to enjoy every day. And it makes me sad.

If I’m ever president, I will make it mandatory that everyone receive a go-cart as part of the American Dream. And nets to catch lightning bugs.

But until then, I encourage you to remember or find something that made you belly laugh and squeal in your younger years.  See what you can do to get back to it.

Or at least spend more than 30 seconds finding the answer to that question. You might surprise yourself. And you never know where it can take you. Crazy and free maybe? If only for an hour or two.

It is so worth the effort to hug your inner child! They miss you. You have the time when it’s a priority.


We often hear the neighbors a few properties over hooping and hollering and enjoying their go-cart. Seems as though we aren’t the only ones.

And I can’t help but notice the big field next to my house where we live now. Maybe the neighbors will sell it to us?

Boogity boogity boogity farm kids, let’s go racing!

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