I’m Going To Let Go, Jack. I’m Going To Let Go.

Titanic is one of my favorite movies. I remember waiting in line at Blockbuster way back when, excited to buy my two-tape VHS copy of the movie when it first came out.

Needless to say, times have changed.

It’s not a favorite because of the sappy love story, though I was certainly a fan at the time.


I love that in the face of a tragedy, Jack tells Rose that she’s going to go on and live a wonderful, full life. She is already curious and passionate about the world around her, and I think that gave her the extra boost she needed to really fight and swim to a lifeboat in freezing waters. After letting poor Jack go and sleep with the fishes.

My favorite part of the movie is more a substory that didn’t get a lot of play during the movie, but it really stood out to me when I saw it.

When 100 year old Rose travels, she’s a total pain with all of her luggage, but it is important to her to have her pictures with her.


They are pictures of her after the ship went down and she let go. She did go on to live a full, adventurous life. And I just love that.

What does all of this have to do with the price of tea in China?

I think that as adults, we get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget that we are still fully capable of adventure. Not every day, we still have responsiblities, but it’s so important to remember ourselves as people with passions.

I know that after I had kids, I completely forgot about myself. Completely.

I’ve decided to take a few hours here and there for me. I want to get out there and try new things.

I initially felt guilty about doing so, but then I thought about how much better I feel when my only job description isn’t tied only to Mom. Do you think it’s fun for our kids to be around us when we are stressed out and feeling like we don’t have a life?

I am in much better spirits when I get out of the house for a bit. It re-energizes me, and I just feel better about life in general, and I’m a much better mom. The kids like to see me have fun too. Everybody wins.

I really want to encourage parents to get out and do something for themselves. This is not about dropping kids off with grandparents and clubbing all weekend. It’s about finding healthy, productive new (or revisited) things to try. And spouses and kids are totally invited too when appropriate.

I just went out and took a painting class. I loved art in high school and I was pretty good at it. It has been about 20 years since I have painted.


I will go into a lot more detail about the painting class in my next post, it was a great relaxing time and I found myself singing along to the background music. They played late 80’s/early 90’s music. Instant bonus points!


It got pretty messy! How did my painting turn out? You’ll have to check out my next post to find out! It was a fun class, but I can assure you that it was not a painting of the Titanic “French girls” variety.

I’m going to write posts on every thing I go out and do. Some things I will be good at, and some not so much. I will share honestly about everything that happens.

I have a lot of things lined up, and I can’t wait until this spring. I have a lot of exciting outdoor adventures planned!

I hope you’ll join me in my quest to live a full, adventurous life! And I hope you’ll get out there and do something too. Feel free to submit ideas that you would like for me to try!

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