How to Make Eggs With a Ten Year Old

How to Make Eggs With a Ten Year Old

“Sooo…you just let them cook and push them around a little bit?”

He stood as close to me, the hot pan and the hot stove as he could while he figured out the deep philosophies of cooking scrambled eggs.

scrambled eggs in a frying pan
Yep, that’s basically it. Photo: Real Honest Mom Blog

He exclaimed about how delicious they were and how we should open a restaurant in our house. He said we should open a place that serves breakfast. So I thought we could walk through what that might look like.

Opening a Restaurant

“What time should we open to get ready?”
“Um, 6 I think?”
“Well a lot of people commute to Nashville so they would probably want to eat at that time so we’d need to start earlier than that.”
“Okay so 5 then?”
“You are going to get up at 5?”
“Maybe we should serve lunch and dinner instead.”
“Okay, so what time should we close for the night?”
“Well, (neighbor boy) goes to bed at 8, so we should close at 7 so we still have an hour to play.”
“But we need to clean all the dishes after we close to get ready for the next day.”
“Ok well we could close at 9 but we should ask (little brother) if he’s okay to stay up that late.”
“What should the name of our restaurant be?”
“Well we should go back to the breakfast idea and call it Break Time.”
“We need to make sure another business doesn’t have that name. A gas station probably has that one.”
“You’re just a really good cook mommy.”

It was a fun conversation with my sweet 10-year-old boy this morning. It’s important to dream, and it’s important to learn more about how life works.

I’ll encourage him in whatever he wants to do in life, and advise him the best I can on what it takes to get there.

Eggs overeasy style in a frying pan
Maybe next time we’ll try over easy. Photo: Real Honest Mom Blog

Quality Time

Everything in life doesn’t have to be a huge drawn-out life lesson. But I’ve found that taking the time to show them how to something hands-on paves the way to having great quality time together.

There’s so much I want to teach him and we have good talks that show us where both of our hearts are on so many different things. I want to give the best possible foundation for them as they grow more independent from me and learn how the world works.

And the eggs certainly were delicious.

How To Make Scrambled Eggs:

  • Add 1-2 Tbsp cooking oil to the pan to prevent sticking
  • Add salt and pepper to taste
  • Let them cook and push them around a little bit, approx 3-5 minutes
  • Enjoy!

Stay tuned! I will soon be offering more information on meaningful ways to teach kids needed life skills as they grow more independent from us. Sign up for blog updates to be the first to know!

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