DIY Super Mario Party decorations

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I made homemade party decorations for our Super Mario birthday party. I made two brick-and-question-mark pieces from the game to decorate for the party.

I cut up and used a few of the side panels of a diaper box.  I wrapped them in red vinyl covering and wrapped over the centers of the red panels with yellow covering.  I wrapped them up “christmas present” style and secured them in the back with clear tape.

IMG_2238           IMG_2242

I used a paint stirrer as a ruler to draw black straight lines on them with a sharpie to make them look like bricks.  I printed off a scene from the game to go off of.


I drew a question mark free hand on white poster board and used it as a pattern for the other one.  I cut them out and secured them to the yellow sections with Elmer’s glue.

IMG_2241         IMG_2243

I used gold colored paper plates above the bricks as the gold coins from the game.  Also, my husband and son spent some time in the several weeks prior drawing and coloring their favorite characters from the game.

They did this for fun, but I decided to use them as part of the inside decor.  My husband wasn’t overly thrilled with that, but my son sure was! Remember, the point of a birthday party is to make them feel special!

IMG_2259        IMG_2273edit

I printed Goomba pictures off of the internet and glued them to brown construction paper.

IMG_2257        IMG_2262

I inflated red balloons and cut out circles from white poster board.   I traced a party cup to get a nice circle shape.  I wrote an M in the center, taped the circles to the balloons, and taped the balloons to the wall. Voila!

IMG_2255        SONY DSC

With the exception of the red balloons and some of the drawings, everything is being reused to decorate his bedroom.  Bonus!


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