Gratitude: Tell Me 3 Good Things

Gratitude: Tell Me 3 Good Things

One day in my high school Home Ec class I remember hearing my teacher Mrs. Richardson saying that every day when her kids get home from school, the first thing she does is have her kids tell her 3 good things that happened in their day.

I don’t know why that sticks in my head more than the amazing hammer pants I made my senior year in 1993 when Z. Cavaricci was all the rage, but it’s something I do with my kids now and it’s a great tool. It trains them to see the good things on a regular basis, and I don’t think adults should be any different.

In your social media feeds, you will see a myriad of things that happen to people that ruin their day. Like poor customer service, TEMA test alerts on cell phones, bad drivers or something someone said. These are all no doubt inconvenient, but all of us have survived so far, right?

I catch myself falling back into the “I’ll be happier when…” syndrome and I really need to stop doing that. There are so many gifts in our lives that we fail to realize every day in the quest for more or when.

So today I’m going to take my own advice and tell you 3 good things that happened this week as an exercise of gratitude, and I would love it if you share too. So here we go.

This week’s 3 good things:

1. Cardboard boxes

You ever notice that sometimes all dad has to do is bring home a giant cardboard box from work to earn the evening’s title as hero? He just made a few cuts for the door and a little hole for the doorknob and the kids played in it for hours.

Cardboard box


cardboard box

The ones that were allowed, anyway. It’s ok, I just surprise-pound on the top and the sides to make them scream, they love it.

cardboard box

cardboard box

It was a big win. Mom got extra, uninterrupted time to finish making dinner, and dad got to wow the kids with his ingenuity and simplicity. Long live childhood.

2. The Rediscovery of Exercise

We are so sore. Walking stiffs moving around like the Tin Man. But it’s a good thing.

We have been over-indulging in comfort foods and have gained back all of the weight that we lost 3 years ago (plus some) on the P90x program. We’ve had so little willpower and haven’t been taking very good care of ourselves. But we dusted off all of our weights, DVDs and workout gear that have been stored outside in the garage, brought it all back in and worked out every day at home this week.


The kids joined in a little bit here and there and they love watching us exercise. It isn’t easy to work out at home with kids, but I’m glad that they get to see that we really do care about our health and are doing something about it.

And we did really well this week facing the absolute hardest thing about getting healthy: eating right.

3. A Walk at the Park

I battled a headache most of the day on Saturday (so the kids got a lot of video game and screen time) but I really wanted to do something active and get outside.


the park

So in the late afternoon we finally made it to the park for a walk and the kids saw a few friends from school to play with. Afterwards, we were starving so we went to McDonald’s and my oldest said, “Man, can this day get any better?”

McDonald’s was my first test in self-control eating away from home. I got the Artisan Grilled Chicken sandwich only and an unsweet tea. Baby steps, people!

What are 3 good things that happened for you this week? There are at least 3!

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude: Tell Me 3 Good Things

  1. Audra, This brings back some good memories of high school and Mrs. Richardson’s Home Ec class!

    After reading this, I am thankful that I am usually not one of “those people” that take to Facebook daily to complain about what has ruined their day. I do understand the catharsis that venting provides though.

    Your comment about the Z Cavaricci jeans cracked me up. Reminded me of the pair that Joe gave to me when I was in 10th grade.

    I still remember the awful pair of hot pink and black biker shorts I made in Home Ec. They were almost obscene. Which is why I wore them all the time, lol.

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