If You Give a Boy a Bag of Chips…

If You Give a Boy a Bag of Chips…


© Dreamstime
© Dreamstime

If you give a boy a bag of chips, he will slam it into every possible object on the way to the potluck at the park.

And when you get to the park, he’ll want to give the bag one final slam onto the concrete slab under the shelter before running off to play with his friends.

And when he runs off to play with his friends, your toddler will squawk and whine and cry and follow behind because he wants to run and play with the big kids too.

And when he makes it there to play with the big kids, he’s going to want to climb the big steel ladder and try to stretch his small legs far enough to make it across to the opening at the top of the ladder.

On the spot, you’ll decide to go ahead and let him try.

You’ll stand beneath him with your arms stretched above your head in anxious wait, and your toddler will surprise you and make it to the top and onto the platform just as the older kids decide they want to run to a completely different section of the park to climb a rope tower…

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We are big fans of the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” series. This was such a fun post to write based on real life, and I thank you so much for following me. You are my village 🙂

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