My Dirty, Happy Kid

My husband left with our son one evening for a Boy Scout gathering at the park with other dads and kids. When they returned a few hours later, my son walked in covered in dirt from head to toe.

His dress shirt for Scouts was crop-dusted with dirt and orange crumbs, as were his shorts, shoes, hair, face. His white socks were more of a matted gray. His hair was still damp with perspiration, and beads of sweat streaked little paths in the dirt on the sides of his face. He looked like he’d just left the the coal mine.

He kicked off his shoes when he first walked in the door, and he talked a mile a minute as he wiped more Dorito crumbs across his shirt. He was a hot mess. And I couldn’t have been more proud…

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Greetings all! I have realized that in my haste to get my freelancing career up and running full blast, I have not been sharing my progress with you like I planned to. You are a dedicated, faithful audience and I apologize for that. I have been a busy, busy bee.

I plan to share more snippets of my posts with you that are published outside of my blog so you can come along for the ride. You can click on the links below to view my author pages at the following publications:

There are more but these are my main squeezes if you want to follow along.

I have been working so hard, but it isn’t easy at all. It has taken time and a lot of blood, sweat and tears and REJECTION to get here, but my gosh am I glad I just got started. 

I wish it was all simply “wheee! I’m going to write today and get published on xyz publication!” but it isn’t. It can be a challenge to know just how much of your heart to share, and what to share about your family online. I take great care in making those choices and keeping it classy while still being a real, honest mom.

There has been great opportunity. I got to go to the White House for an event with Michelle Obama, and it is my dream to one day work with Pixar, that is my holy grail. If I step foot inside Pixar studios, I will be an absolute pig in slop, I’m so sorry for that visual. But Pixar is where it’s at for me, and I’d love an opportunity to work with them. Stay tuned.

There has also been disappointment and uncertainty. Such is the life of a writer. Kind of a tortured, but very necessary existence.

But even as I sit here in my living room and the floor is covered in toys and there are papers piled on top of the kitchen island and dishes in the sink, I will dare to dream even bigger. 

Because it’s possible and you can. You can. As hopeless and long as the days seem, parents have dreams too and you can get back in touch with them. One small thing every day can lead to big things. Podcasts are great for motivation when you have zero concentration with kids in the house and have housework to do.

I also plan to partner with brands for summer fun, in the spirit of My Dirty, Happy Kid. We don’t have a summer full of jam-packed activities, I like to keep the family schedule loose for lots of down time and free play.


We bought used bicycles on a buy/sell/trade site and it’s been an interesting adventure in teaching the boys how to ride them, but they are coming along and amen for training wheels and the nearby high school track.


We are also big fans of the “sprinkoline.” Sprinkler+trampoline=best summer ever. Water balloons are also in our future.

So stay tuned, there are lots of things to come. This blog got me started on a dream and took me from stay-at-home near-depression to dreaming big. I’m so glad you are here with me. And I hope you are inspired to dream big too.

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