Super Mario Piranha Plants

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Such a visual and recognizable part of the Super Mario video games: The Piranha plants, or chomping flowers if you will.



These were probably the most involved of all the decorations I made, and they took the most time, but they were worth it!  I wanted to make them sturdy enough to be able to withstand boys at a birthday party.

I traced baby bottle caps on white poster board to get the nice, even small circle shapes.



I used heavy duty die cut paper for the red circles, and I traced a heavy round glass Corningware baking dish to get the large circle shapes.

I used two red circle cutouts per flower to double up the strength.  I initially tried to paint the wooden paint stirrers green, but the color came out too dark, so I wrapped them in a brighter green construction paper for the stems.



I used regular construction paper to freehand the green leaves and white teeth.  It took some time to get all of the shapes cut out, and I actually used clear tape to secure everything. The clear tape was rolled up underneath the white circles and they held pretty well.


They lasted a lot longer than I thought they would after the party and they were used as room decor afterwards. Win win!


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