Children’s Consignment Sales…. and Men

I love consignment sales. I like to think of myself as a mighty tigress on the prowl, ready to pounce on a great buy.


A tigress on the hunt for her darling cubs… at deep discount prices.


I recently went to a huge kids sale like this one, on the hunt for summer clothes for the boys.


While I was there, I think I saw the most miserable man in the world. I’ll just call him Larry. Larry wanted to die I think.


Larry’s wife was getting a lot of sweet scores. She had a wagon stacked full of girls clothes.

It went a lot like this: “Larry, oh my gosh, look at this! This sweater is perfect! She can wear it with her four other floral print skirts at home! Larry!!! Look, it’s Baby Gap for 3 bucks! Larry!!! Isn’t this great?!”

Larry was trying to muster every drop of enthusiasm he could possibly squeeze out of his body and I admired his effort. But the fact of the matter was, Larry didn’t care.

I’m not knocking her enthusiasm or great finds (I’ve been there!), and I think that Larry is a good dad and husband. It just wasn’t his scene.  It was Friday night at 8pm and he was shopping at a child’s consignment sale.

I saw another man there, and he didn’t seem to mind it.

It prompted me to pose this question to various groups on social media:

Informal poll: Ladies, do you take your man shopping with you to children’s consignment sales? Men, do you like to go? Honesty please!

I am always amused at the answers I get.

As you might expect, the biggest answer far and above was a resounding NOOOOOO by both parties, and for the sake of both parties.

  • That’s as close to my husband’s definition of hell as he ever wants to get!
  • I’m a glutton for punishment but that is marital suicide!
  • That’s easy, no and no
  • NOOOO… He hates any kind of shopping.. except Costco
  • I don’t even take him to the grocery store! It would be endless eye rolling and sighs
  • I don’t even take him when I’m shopping for him!
  • He always just sits in the car and takes a nap
  • I take no one with me, it is the only way I can do it
  • If he went, we’d have to take the kids, and that’s not fun for anyone
  • I prefer if he can stay home with the baby so I can really shop
  • (male) I knew my answer when you said “shopping.” No
  • I like to go alone, it’s my free time
  • (male) If I went, I would need to wrangle the kids, and I could do that at home
  • He’s the go in and get out type, and I like to take my time
  • When I see men at those sales I feel bad for them, they all look miserable!
  • I take my mom and sister instead
  • I only bring him along for big ticket items
  • I can do all that while he’s at work, I would never waste the time I get to spend with him by shopping

*Plenty of men also answered this question with a no, but didn’t elaborate.

I also got several answers from men saying they DID like to go.

  • We go together, and turn it into a game and see who can find the best deal or prettiest dress. It means that we can spend more time together, and shopping is something we’ve always done
  • I love consignment stores, hidden treasures all around! I really like garage sales too
  • I enjoy going and spending time with the family
  • (female) My husband loves to shop… if we could work it out to be kid-free, then yes!
  • (female) Sometimes he is helpful, but he just likes being with me
  • (male) I always go and participate. It’s a limited amount of time we have to spend together due to work and life schedules, so I take every opportunity I can get

I just love all of the different perspectives! Every family is different.

I even got a comment telling my husband to run because it was a setup! Ha!

He was home with the boys. It was 8pm on a Friday night so it was close to their bedtime. It never occurred to me to ask him to go, however. He likes to bargain shop, but I like to handle the kids clothes, and I think he’s fine leaving that part to me.

And besides, mama needs both hands free and a clear head for the hunt!


I scored some awesome Ninja Turtle costume gear for four bucks!!! I feel ya, Larry’s wife! 🙂

After reading this, would you shop with your spouse at a children’s consignment sale?

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2 thoughts on “Children’s Consignment Sales…. and Men

  1. No, he prefers to do the go in, get what is needed, and leave and I’m the one who likes to spend forever looking for just the right pieces. I much prefer to take my mom with me. We are great together when it comes to that type of thing.

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