Clothes Shopping: Like the Hooker on Rodeo Drive

Boy, I tell ya, I am nothing if not practical. If I leave the house I want to run at least two errands, I only buy clothes for the kids that can mix and match in different combinations, comfort is my number one priority, and I am a planner. Plan, plan, plan, plan, planner. I … Read moreClothes Shopping: Like the Hooker on Rodeo Drive

The Hardest Part Of Going Home

It’s coming. The dreaded moment. After all of the smiles and cousins and ice cream cones and Fruit by the Foot. After all of the new memories made swimming every day and jumping on the trampoline. After getting slaughtered trying to play Uno with the kids. After all of the aunt and uncle and grandma … Read moreThe Hardest Part Of Going Home

Drive-Thru Christian

I got into a fight with a woman in a fast food drive-thru lane. Not a fist fight, but a yelling match where she got out of the car and furiously pointed fingers and cussed at me. I took the bait and yelled back, and with my hand still on the steering wheel, displayed a … Read moreDrive-Thru Christian

Why I Never Take the Advice “Just Be Yourself”

I’ve heard it said a million times. Everything will be okay if you “just be yourself.” But will it? What if, underneath it all, you have an angry, vengeful heart? What if you have to work hard every day to be a nice person? What if you are embattled in choosing your response to everyday … Read moreWhy I Never Take the Advice “Just Be Yourself”

Awesome Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

I could sit here all day and come up with homemade Halloween costume ideas.  I absolutely love it!  I love to reinvent stuff from home and get creative in making cool costumes.  Here is a pic of my husband and I when our son was about a year old.  We went with a Mario theme, … Read moreAwesome Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

The Weed Remains

We had an impromptu family bonfire at my house the other night.  The weather finally cooled off enough for us to enjoy the fire pit.  We got a lot of rain this summer so grass and weeds started to grow under the wood, so in true man form, my husband doused the grass and wood … Read moreThe Weed Remains

Little Smiles, Big Trials

We tend to share our happiest times in life online.  But what about the other ones? This is a recent picture that I uploaded to social media.  Two happy boys.  You almost don’t even notice the messy house in the background.  They are the loves of my life, my greatest joys, my babies. I don’t … Read moreLittle Smiles, Big Trials

Mom, What’s Wrong With the Car?

The car completely dies on me as I’m driving down the road with my two young kids in the backseat.  I try to pull over with no power steering to avoid an accident and I’m thankful there is at least a good spot to pull over on this particular stretch of road. I turn off … Read moreMom, What’s Wrong With the Car?

“She’s Gone.”

I had a new post ready to go for today, but in this past week, I have seen so many dogs in pictures and in person that looks so much like our Sunny, she was our first child before our human babies came along.  I went back and read this, and was moved to share … Read more“She’s Gone.”

Forgiveness Is Here

I recently traveled home for my 20 year high school reunion. I was excited to see my old classmates because we always have a lot of laughs whenever we catch up.  It was also Memorial Day weekend, and the time of the small town Jubilee celebration. A great deal of people from my hometown come … Read moreForgiveness Is Here

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