The School Of Mom- Shopping On A Budget

I know shopping on a budget isn’t technically housework, but it’s certainly a skill that benefits the household. The grocery store lesson is coming up and we have a lot to learn there, but for this one I wanted my oldest boy to see just how far his own money might go when buying things, … Read moreThe School Of Mom- Shopping On A Budget

We’re Debt FREEEEEE!!!

We drive dinged-up older cars that define the word “used.” One has 150K miles and the other is pushing 200. Our mismatched living room furniture leaves much to be desired. In fact, all of our furniture leaves much to be desired. Our dining room table belonged to my husband in college. And our TV now … Read moreWe’re Debt FREEEEEE!!!

Staying Together In A Money Crisis

Nothing shows you what you’re really made of as a couple more than a money crisis. There are a lot of heavy emotions on both sides when life is thrown off kilter. In 2009, we lost over half of our income through an unexpected layoff. It was a very harrowing and stressful time and we … Read moreStaying Together In A Money Crisis

Cheap & Easy, Bone-Fallin’, Finger-Lickin’ Roasted Chicken

This is the easiest, cheapest recipe I’ve found for roasted chicken, and my family loves it. It takes just a few, basic ingredients you probably already have at home. Whole chickens are about $5 each, and will feed my family of 4 at least two meals. one whole chicken (5 or 6 pounds) one medium onion 4 Tbsp butter … Read moreCheap & Easy, Bone-Fallin’, Finger-Lickin’ Roasted Chicken

The Perfect Field Trip Lunch

And by perfect, I mean perfect for us. Perfect because they’re foods the critter and I agree on for a packed lunch. And perfect because everything can be thrown away and we don’t have to keep track of a lunch box or ice pack. At first, it was hard for me to come up with an … Read moreThe Perfect Field Trip Lunch

Touring the Schakolad Chocolate Factory

A girls night out at a chocolate factory? Talk about a no-brainer. Yes please! I was thrilled to see an online deal to do this, and I rounded up a small group of ladies. Schakolad, located in Franklin, TN is more a chocolate shop than a factory, but we were not disappointed. The tour started off with a … Read moreTouring the Schakolad Chocolate Factory

Children’s Consignment Sales…. and Men

I love consignment sales. I like to think of myself as a mighty tigress on the prowl, ready to pounce on a great buy. A tigress on the hunt for her darling cubs… at deep discount prices. I recently went to a huge kids sale like this one, on the hunt for summer clothes for … Read moreChildren’s Consignment Sales…. and Men

Sightseeing Right Where You Are

Checking out local historic sites might sound boring to you, but I stumbled upon a few real finds that were worth my time. There are a few that I drive by almost every day on my usual rounds, but have never stopped to look at them. I had a little bit of free time one afternoon … Read moreSightseeing Right Where You Are

How I Maximize My Grocery Savings in the Kitchen

In my previous post, I talked about How I Save Big at the Grocery Store Without Coupons. I maximize those savings at home by using my supplies efficiently, and “stretching” the meats I buy into multiple recipes.  One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that meat doesn’t have to be the main feature for … Read moreHow I Maximize My Grocery Savings in the Kitchen

How I Save Big at the Grocery Store Without Coupons

I am a self-reformed label snob when it comes to groceries.  Back when my husband and I were first married, we went shopping at the store and he reached for a can of vegetables that were off-brand.  I wrinkled up my nose and told him that I didn’t want to eat anything with an ugly … Read moreHow I Save Big at the Grocery Store Without Coupons

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