I Hate Children

Believe me I know how bad that sounds. I’m not a bitter, childless person that doesn’t understand kids. I’m not angry because I just sat next to a screaming child on a plane or restaurant. I didn’t just get slimed in public with various bodily fluids by an anonymous child. I’m a mom to two … Read more

Leading At Vacation Bible School

Kids of similar age in a big room all look the same. How on earth am I going to be able to tell which ones are mine? And isn’t it all pretty much babysitting other peoples’ kids for a week? Those were my initial thoughts before I decided to take the plunge and volunteer for Vacation Bible School at … Read more

Moms’ Night Out

I take notes like crazy. I keep a notebook in my purse and I’ve taken notes on the back of junk mail envelopes and church programs. I just hear so many things that strike me and I want to remember them. I love to go back through my notes to have those a-ha moments all … Read more


It was over 25 years ago. Do I really need to air my dirty laundry now? Shouldn’t I just keep my Stepford Wife game face on? Why should I even write this? What if people see me differently? Won’t it be awkward? I heard a wise woman say that sometimes like a breached baby, God will push … Read more

I’m Coming Out

We can never get enough of someone coming out of the closet can we? It may or may not be equally shocking, but I’m coming out of the spiritual closet.  I am a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, and I am proud of it. Whaaaaa?  Audra???? Really??? It certainly doesn’t align with my early life.  … Read more

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