DIY Super Mario Bros Birthday Party

Super Mario Bros birthday party decorations

Post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure and Privacy statement for details.       For my son’s 6th birthday, I aspired to throw a really cool birthday party without breaking the bank. I did a Super Mario Bros theme and made an obstacle course in the yard by using things I already had at … Read more

Precious Vandalism

When our kids are quiet we always have to investigate why don’t we? Yesterday afternoon, my six year old son Timothy went to his room to “take a nap” (which has yet to actually turn into taking a nap) while I was putting the baby down for a nap in the crib. I stepped into … Read more

Let Them Fail

Someone has to have the kid that’s the best at something, and someone has to have the kid that’s the worst at something. It is a competitive world and we are pushing kids harder than ever before to succeed at absolutely everything. Of course we want our kids to have ambition and get ahead in … Read more

Things I Wish I Knew Before Kids

Expecting a baby is such an exciting time.  It’s common to buy top-of-the-line everything and to prepare that perfect nursery.  For your first baby, anyway.  While it is fun to shop for your little bundle, after your first time around the block things tend to relax a bit as your prepare for your second.  It … Read more

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