Mom Getaway to Balboa Island

I just turned 40. I wake up in the morning and my days are a lot of the same. My hair is mashed to the side of my head, and we begin our daily routine of bathroom Twister. I try to get ready, and block my toddler from emptying out all of the drawers and … Read moreMom Getaway to Balboa Island

Here’s What Really Happened On Our Zoo Trip

Whew! It took some doing, but I got some great pics from our zoo trip. Pictures posted to social media, check! Now, here’s what really happened. Half the time, I’m not even sure why families even bother with trips to the zoo, theme parks and the like, because everyone is ready to claw their eyes … Read moreHere’s What Really Happened On Our Zoo Trip

Leading At Vacation Bible School

Kids of similar age in a big room all look the same. How on earth am I going to be able to tell which ones are mine? And isn’t it all pretty much babysitting other peoples’ kids for a week? Those were my initial thoughts before I decided to take the plunge and volunteer for Vacation Bible School at … Read moreLeading At Vacation Bible School

The World Needs Your Hustle

I want you to meet my friend Kevin. He and I are friends because we both have dreams, and we are taking the necessary baby steps to achieve them. Kevin gets up every day at 5am and leads the charge for other dreamers to get up and hustle on their dreams. 5am is early. But … Read moreThe World Needs Your Hustle

Living Out My Journey-By Rediscovering Myself

“Anytime I start to feel the mommy guilt that comes with taking time for myself I think: Would I rather have my kids see me feeling like I’m stuck at home and feeling bad about myself and grouchy… or would I rather have them see me having fun and enjoying my own life, as I … Read moreLiving Out My Journey-By Rediscovering Myself

It’s Not A DeLorean. But It Takes Me Back In Time.

I didn’t grow up on a farm but I still consider myself to be a farm kid. Crazy and free, once upon a time. Entertainment in a small Kansas farm town can be hard to come by. I was so lucky to have go-carts and 4-wheelers at my disposal, and a large field next to my house to run … Read moreIt’s Not A DeLorean. But It Takes Me Back In Time.

Touring the Schakolad Chocolate Factory

A girls night out at a chocolate factory? Talk about a no-brainer. Yes please! I was thrilled to see an online deal to do this, and I rounded up a small group of ladies. Schakolad, located in Franklin, TN is more a chocolate shop than a factory, but we were not disappointed. The tour started off with a … Read moreTouring the Schakolad Chocolate Factory

Taking A Ballroom Dancing Class

My husband probably thinks I’m crazy. On our last date night, we shot M-16’s and ate Krispy Kreme’s. And for this one, I had him get his dancin’ shoes on. I really wanted to try a beginner’s Ballroom Dancing Class. I was so happy to find a class at our local rec center for a mere … Read moreTaking A Ballroom Dancing Class

Tactical Training Date Night

My husband Danny is perfectly happy with the standard dinner/movie combo when it comes to date night, but I’m always on the hunt to try something different. We heard from “a guy that knows a guy-that knows a guy-that told another guy” about this place where you could go and shoot real guns in various simulated high … Read moreTactical Training Date Night

Getting A Haircut

This qualifies as an adventure? Why yes, yes it does. I don’t even remember the last time I went to a salon to get a haircut. I don’t even remember where I went when I did. I’ve been trimming it up at home for so long I just kind of forgot salons existed. It has … Read moreGetting A Haircut

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