It’s Okay to Buy a Coffee Pot on Your Anniversary

We bought a coffee pot at Target for our anniversary

Well, it’s that time of year. Pumpkin spice, pumpkin farms, beautiful turned leaves in Tennessee… and us trying to figure out what the heck to do for our wedding anniversary at the last minute. Last year was our 11th anniversary and we went to Target and bought a coffee pot. And you know what? It … Read moreIt’s Okay to Buy a Coffee Pot on Your Anniversary

We’re Debt FREEEEEE!!!

We drive dinged-up older cars that define the word “used.” One has 150K miles and the other is pushing 200. Our mismatched living room furniture leaves much to be desired. In fact, all of our furniture leaves much to be desired. Our dining room table belonged to my husband in college. And our TV now … Read moreWe’re Debt FREEEEEE!!!

Living Life By The 1955 Good Wife’s Guide

You’re probably familiar with the article published in Housekeeping Monthly in 1955 on how to be a good wife. It made the rounds on email back when everyone had an AOL account. I thought it would be fun to do a little experiment and see what would happen if I lived my life at home … Read moreLiving Life By The 1955 Good Wife’s Guide

Staying Together In A Money Crisis

Nothing shows you what you’re really made of as a couple more than a money crisis. There are a lot of heavy emotions on both sides when life is thrown off kilter. In 2009, we lost over half of our income through an unexpected layoff. It was a very harrowing and stressful time and we … Read moreStaying Together In A Money Crisis

It’s Just A Stupid House

I said it to myself at the beginning of our ordeal, trying to get myself to believe it. But by the end of it all, I was rejoicing those words out of relief. “It’s just a stupid house.”   It was the American Dream. My husband Danny and I were expecting our first child, so … Read moreIt’s Just A Stupid House

Mentor Mom Advice

I don’t have family here, and that is so hard in the thick of raising little ones. After I left my job, I knew that I needed a support system to help me through the hard days. I found the Mom to Mom group at my church, and I have never looked back! I am so … Read moreMentor Mom Advice

Taking A Ballroom Dancing Class

My husband probably thinks I’m crazy. On our last date night, we shot M-16’s and ate Krispy Kreme’s. And for this one, I had him get his dancin’ shoes on. I really wanted to try a beginner’s Ballroom Dancing Class. I was so happy to find a class at our local rec center for a mere … Read moreTaking A Ballroom Dancing Class

My Best Friend Married A Woman

I just went to a wedding unlike any other. My best friend married a woman. And my best friend is a woman. A myriad of valid excuses could have prevented me from being there. The cost of travels out of state, scheduling childcare for several days in my absence… The awkwardness of not knowing very many people there. And the … Read moreMy Best Friend Married A Woman

Tactical Training Date Night

My husband Danny is perfectly happy with the standard dinner/movie combo when it comes to date night, but I’m always on the hunt to try something different. We heard from “a guy that knows a guy-that knows a guy-that told another guy” about this place where you could go and shoot real guns in various simulated high … Read moreTactical Training Date Night

Children’s Consignment Sales…. and Men

I love consignment sales. I like to think of myself as a mighty tigress on the prowl, ready to pounce on a great buy. A tigress on the hunt for her darling cubs… at deep discount prices. I recently went to a huge kids sale like this one, on the hunt for summer clothes for … Read moreChildren’s Consignment Sales…. and Men

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