Best Life Lessons of 2017

Walking path

There’s nothing I like more than embracing growth and looking back and thinking “man, I’m glad I have moved past that part of life”. I love how everything evolves when you stay open to learning. Every step leads to the next, and I am grateful for all of the lessons of life. Instead of writing … Read moreBest Life Lessons of 2017

The Greatest Christmas Decorations of All

Cley nativity scene made my kids

We just put up our Christmas tree, and wow did it bring back some memories. Our tree looks pretty, and I like pretty things to a degree. But what makes the tree beautiful are the things that really aren’t very pretty on their own. But the memories they represent ensures that I proudly display them … Read moreThe Greatest Christmas Decorations of All

You Can Learn a Lot from an Ugly Pie Crust

A lumpy, mishapen patched up pie crust before baking

“Can I help you with the pie mommy? Please?” “I WANT TO HELP!!!!” Two young boys bound into the kitchen on a Thanksgiving morning. My first response was an internal sigh. It’s so much easier and faster if I just do it, especially when it comes to a finicky pie crust. But I thought, hey … Read moreYou Can Learn a Lot from an Ugly Pie Crust

Throwback to a Vintage Halloween

children dressed in vintage costumes in the 1970's

My mother is a saint. She gets texts like this from me on the regular, and she always delivers. “Do you have that old picture of me in the library in my Woody Woodpecker costume? -Oh my goodness, I don’t remember it. I can look in the trunk. It might have been a newspaper clipping. … Read moreThrowback to a Vintage Halloween

Best Tips for Whole30 Success

Whole30 meal of smoked pork loin, butternut squash and a green salad with Whole30 ranch dressing

I did it. I survived the Whole30 eating program. 30 days without added sugar, alcohol, bread, legumes and processed foods. I am very much the average Joe, and I simply wanted better health after an entire summer eating pop tarts, chips, ice cream and fast food. I’m a sweets and carb-loader from way back, and … Read moreBest Tips for Whole30 Success

It’s Okay to Buy a Coffee Pot on Your Anniversary

We bought a coffee pot at Target for our anniversary

Well, it’s that time of year. Pumpkin spice, pumpkin farms, beautiful turned leaves in Tennessee… and us trying to figure out what the heck to do for our wedding anniversary at the last minute. Last year was our 11th anniversary and we went to Target and bought a coffee pot. And you know what? It … Read moreIt’s Okay to Buy a Coffee Pot on Your Anniversary

2 Weeks In: How I’m Surviving Whole30

Whole30 breakfast meal 3 fried eggs w/ghee, green onion, blueberries, cashews, cucumber and tomato

***This is NOT a sponsored post. This is me simply being tired of feeling like a can of busted biscuits and making my shirts and leggings scream for mercy on a regular basis. I have decided to take ownership of my unhealthy relationship with food and get back on track to my body’s original factory … Read more2 Weeks In: How I’m Surviving Whole30

50 Pool Snack Ideas

50 Pool Snack ideas to keep you going all summer.

I found a compromise with the kids when it comes to pool snacks. I want them to eat healthy, but I also enjoy treats at the pool as much as anybody else. We found a way to pick foods that keep us satisfied and happy without feeling like we’re missing out on treats. What’s in … Read more50 Pool Snack Ideas

8 Ways The Drive-In Is Still Awesome

The Hiway 50 Drive In movie theater in Lewisburg, TN.

I don’t remember a single movie I ever saw at the drive-in movie theater when I was a kid, but I’ll always remember going. There was so much to love about it. Like running around in the grass underneath the big screen, playing with other kids as we waited for it to turn dark. We … Read more8 Ways The Drive-In Is Still Awesome

Repeating First Grade: An Update, 3 Years Later

School retention can be a difficult and painful decision to make, but it was the best thing we could have done for our child.

In 2014, we decided to hold our son back in school to repeat his first grade year. We’ve just completed third grade in 2017, this is an update on our overall experience in school retention. Once upon a time there was a boy. He was as handsome and sweet as the day is long, and … Read moreRepeating First Grade: An Update, 3 Years Later

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