Ultimate Artist Giveaway Bundle and Review

This is a sponsored post with Rose Art. I received products to try and partnered with Rose Art for a giveaway package for my readers. Post may contain affiliate links. All thoughts are my own. ∼∼∼ The yard was a swamp from the rain all weekend and the cabin fever was setting in something fierce, … Read more

10 Ways to Relieve Holiday Stress

Post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure and Privacy statement for details. The holidays are here friends, they come at the same time every year and bring on a lot of the same stresses. Mental stress, physical stress, family stress. When Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy. Trying to get it all done all … Read more

Kitchen Therapy: The Great Escape

Do you ever spend so much time around kids that your eyes start to cross a little bit? I’m grateful to be able to be here any time I am needed, but sometimes I need an escape in my own house, you know what I mean? I really enjoy making things from scratch every now … Read more

How To Save Money on Back-to-School Shopping Every Year

How to save money on supplies, backpacks and school clothes every year.

I’ve been around the back-to-school shopping block a few times and I’ve found ways to help stretch supplies, clothing and the family budget from year-to-year. I still enjoy the tradition of going shopping before school starts. We still buy new things to start the school year fresh, but there are several practical ways to help greatly reduce … Read more

How We Finally Got Control Of Overflowing Toys

The kids helped organize toys and reduce clutter and we finally got control of overflowing toys.

**Post may contain affiliate links I know how it happens. A little toy here, a little toy there, a birthday comes, then Christmas… A few years go by and we hang on to things and before we know it, our homes are insane and overflowing with toys. There’s a lot of judgement out there about … Read more

Neon Summer Fun with Rose Art®

In the spirit of My Dirty, Happy Kid I vowed to relax and let the kids get good and dirty this summer in the name of good, old-fashioned fun. I feel like I spend a lot of time trying to keep things tidy, so I want to try and let things be a little more free-spirited … Read more

What My Sons Taught Me When I Taught Them Household Skills

Post may contain affiliate links. See my policy and disclosure statement for details. I don’t want to be the kind of parent that does everything for everybody and then complains about doing everything for everybody. My love language is service to others, so I’m in a dangerous position of possibly creating adult children that want to … Read more

The School Of Mom- Grocery Shopping

Our last lesson was about shopping on a budget and we focused on staying within our means. This week, we headed to the grocery store and I let my son lead the charge on getting groceries. They have been to the grocery store with me many times, but I have never really taken the time … Read more

The School Of Mom- Dishes By Hand

We learned how to do dishes in the dishwasher in a previous lesson, but I also want my sons to know what to do if they are ever in a non-machine situation. I knew exactly what he was going to say before he even said it. It was the exact same thing I said when … Read more

The School Of Mom- Sweeping the Floor

I was going to combine this lesson with dumping the trash because I thought it would go rather quickly, but when it was all over, we were all exhausted. Who knew that sweeping the floor would be so much work? Maybe because brooms are automatic weapons or toys in the hands of a young boy… … Read more

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